What happens if I start gaining weight during Maintenance?

During Maintenance and the Life stage a Steak Day is used to correct a weight gain of more than 2.0 pounds over your weight on the last day you took HCG (LDW). The steak day MUST be done on the very same day that your weight goes more than 2.0 pounds over LDW or it will not be effective and could be counter-productive. This is why weighing every single morning during maintenance is non-negotiable.

A steak day consists of ½ to 1 gallon of water during the day, along with coffee or tea if desired, with no food whatsoever, and a big (at least 8 oz) steak (or other protein such as chicken, fish, pork, eggs, turkey, etc.) and either one raw tomato or one apple for dinner. The scale should show a 1-3 pounds loss the following morning.

You must never perform two steaks days in a row. If you find that a steak day does not bring you within the 2lb range or, if you find that you require repeated steak days, you should contact our support team for suggestions. Steak days are for the Maintenance phase only.