KAL Pure Stevia Liquid Extract

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KAL Pure Stevia Liquid Extract 2 fl. oz.


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The KAL brand of Stevia has recently added maltodextrin to both their liquid and powder forms of stevia. Because of that, we can no longer recommended KAL for use on zero-sugar diet plans.

We recommend the NOW foods liquid stevia to those who want to use a brand other than Sweetleaf, the most popular brand of Stevia, which can be found in most grocery stores in powder form.

KAL Pure Stevia Extract  has NO unpleasant aftertaste and NO calories. The steviosides should not adversely affect blood glucose levels in most individuals

The stevia plant originally came from the rain forests of Brazil and Paraguay. It is now grown in those areas, as well as in Japan, Korea, Thailand, and China. It is most widely used as a non-sugar sweetener in food and drink, particularly because it does not appear to have any calories or affect on blood sugar like most natural sweeteners (like sugar or honey).

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