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ThinNow Ultimate HCG Diet Cookbook Download

500 Scrumptious Recipes Bursting with Flavor!


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The Ultimate HCG Diet Cookbook is now a digital download (PDF file) that you can keep on your computer and print any recipes at your convenience!

The print version was so popular, we couldn't keep it on the shelves! But our clients asked for a less expensive digital version and now we have transitioned to offering this exclusively.

Enjoy more than 500 recipes BURSTING with flavor to liven up every phase of the hCG Diet!  
With the help of a professional chef who specializes in easy, healthy meals, we compiled 300 pages of delicious recipes that we know you will enjoy. Each recipe is kitchen-tested, flavor-packed, and easy to make. There is no other cookbook like this - anywhere! 
One unique quality we know you'll appreciate is the spiral binding. No more using various kitchen utensils to hold open your cookbook while you follow the recipe! 
This is a cookbook you can use long after you've met your weight loss goals. The Maintenance recipes have Modifications that turn them into Caution Food dishes or Maintenance 2/Life recipes. 
CLICK HERE to download a PDF file with a few sample pages from our cookbook! (Link opens in a new window.) 
The Ultimate HCG Diet Cookbook receives rave reviews!  Here are just a few: 
"Just wanted to say for my second round I bought the cookbook and some flavor drops and I LOVE it! When you have variety it makes a world of difference!!" 
(Cindy Mohr | BC, Canada) 
"I got my cookbook, and it has been a lifesaver. I was getting into a rut with eating the same stuff cooked in the same way. I've been inspired with different recipes. My favorite so far is the apple cottage cheese dip! So creamy and delicious! I can`t wait until my next meal to try something else." 
(Jill Lofquist | Kansas, USA | Lost 30 lbs on the ThinNow HCG Diet!) 
"I got the cookbook and have been using it almost daily. Tonight I had left over turkey from Easter and made the Turkey Picadillo on page 207. Very yummy!" 
(JoAnne Dietz | Pennsylvania, USA) 
"I love the cookbook. I have lost 31 lbs and have maintained it. I made the Homemade Marinara sauce last night (page 193) and served it over Spaghetti squash. Yummy! And spaghetti squash only has 42 calories per cup and makes a delicious meal!" 
(Linda Finger | Texas, USA) 
"Since receiving my New Ultimate HCG diet Cookbook I`ve made the Chicken and Asparagus with Peanut Sauce several times. It`s delicious! As I am preparing to transition into M1 I already have combed through the cookbook for other recipes to try. It has been so nice to finally have one place where I can find so many original recipes. 
"I work in the book industry and tend to be very opinionated about all things books. In my opinion this cookbook is very well done. I love the variety, the lay out, the pictures and number of recipes, this cookbook is an amazing value and a MUST HAVE for any HCGer." 
(Suzanne Kuhn | Virginia, USA | Lost 55+ lbs on the ThinNow HCG Diet!) 
"Love this cookbook! I have my lunches and dinners planned out for each week and can`t wait to make some of the desserts in there. I will also follow the menu in the beginning of the book when I start my next round to make it super easy. Can`t wait! This cookbook gives me such of a variety of food so my husband won`t get bored of eating the same things!" 
(Tiffany B. | Maryland, USA | Lost 59 lbs on the ThinNow HCG Diet!)

"Helped with the diet boredom, the flavor drops were great additions to my cooking repertoire. The diet guide was also very helpful with m1 and m2 food lists. Well done from people who have obviously been there, and know about the needs of the depth."
(Sara | Massachusetts, USA)