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Ice Chips® Chocolate Brownie Xylitol Candy


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Ice Chips® Chocolate Brownie Xylitol Candy

Over-the-top delicious! Chocolate Brownie Ice Chips detonate all former ideas of what a sugar-free chocolate candy can be. You will close your eyes, inhale the fragrance and willingly lose yourself in the creamy explosion of authenticity.

Ice Chips® candy/mints are the PERFECT treat during the VLCD phase of the HCG Diet. Xylitol, like Stevia, will not spike blood sugar, so you can feel safe with up to 8 servings per day.

Ice Chips® candy, while healthy, sugar-free, and safe for diabetics, are nothing like "sugar-free" candy you have tried in the past. Ice Chips® positively burst with flavor and satisfy your craving for something flavorful and sweet. Healthy has never been as much fun or lower calorie than with "The Good for You Candy"!

ThinNow sells Ice Chips® by the individual tin, rather than by 6-pack, so you can afford to mix and match and try a wide variety of flavors. Each flavor is tastier than the last!

With just 2 calories per serving, these mints that taste like candy are perfect for those who are dieting or health-conscious. You won`t find a more delicious, lower calorie treat!

Enjoy Ice Chips® throughout your day to keep breath fresh, and teeth healthier! Let Ice Chips® dissolve slowly in your mouth to coat your teeth. Dentists recommend up to eight servings a day to get the full oral health benefits of Xylitol (see below).

Caution: Choking hazard for children under the age of 5. Toxic to dogs and small animals.

Xylitol is an FDA approved natural sweetener. GMO FREE, NO CORN, SUGAR, SOY, WHEAT, GLUTEN, OR DAIRY

Why Xylitol?

Xylitol is a polyol, a sugar alcohol. It is all natural, safe for diabetics and has many health benefits.

Mostly, it is made from birch bark or corn. Ice Chips® Candy uses only the birch bark Xylitol in order to avoid any chance of using Genetically Modified Corn (GMO). Additionally, the process and availability render this product much more expensive than sugar.

Ice Chips® Candy uses Xylitol due to its many health benefits, particularly the dental and diabetic advantages.

Why XYLITOL is quickly becoming the most popular sweetener among the health-conscious population:

  • Xylitol does NOT impact insulin levels, unlike sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Contains zero net effective carbs
  • Strengthens teeth
  • Reduces tooth decay and cavity-causing bacteria
  • Inhibits growth of dental plaque
  • Stimulates saliva flow
  • Delicious and satisfying, with no aftertaste
  • The FDA has approved xylitol as a Natural Sweetener (Warning: not for pets)
  • Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables
  • Savoring ICE CHIPS® Candy 3 to 5 times a day delivers maximum benefits
  • Use ICE CHIPS® Candy immediately after meats or snacks
  • Recent studies have found a link between consuming Xylitol during pregnancy and stronger teeth in infants


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