Amy McIntyre

I lost 79.2 pounds and over 100 inches using HCG from ThinNow/MyHCGplus! I have completed three rounds of the HCG diet. This journey has been totally amazing.

I was at the end of my rope with weight loss, I had done it all in regard to losing weight--with no results. I was frustrated to no end with empty promises and very slow or no results.

I was afraid that losing so much weight so fast would affect my muscle mass, but was tested and found that even after dropping 75 pounds, my muscle mass has actually increased.

I FINALLY know how to keep my weight in check. I have gotten my self-esteem and happiness back!

Thank you ThinNow/MyHCGplus - I could NOT have done this without your support!  The education and coaching you give is unlike any other company and that's what made the difference for me.

Amy McIntyre, British Columbia, Canada