Jorge Garza

My name is Jorge Garza. I am 63 years old. After seeing how efficient the weight loss results were for my wife and three daughters, I got on board with doing the HCG diet from ThinNow/MyHCGPlus. I did not think that I could do a diet at this age. It had been many years since the last time I tried a diet. 

I did the diet for 52 days. I started weighing at 94 kilos (207.2 lbs) and I now weigh 77 (169.8 lbs), a loss of 17 kilos (37.4 lbs) in December, 2012.  I went from a size 44 to a size 38 pants. 

I have felt very well and healthy. I am a diabetic and have high blood pressure and high triglycerides. I was able to eliminate all medications after this diet and have not needed absolutely anything. 

My blood sugar has lowered from 170 to today's reading of 101, but I have also reached 93 and 94 - I have checked it daily. My doctor is very happy with the way I did this and that I am doing very well.

Really I am very happy and I truly recommend ThinNow/MyHCGPlus. It really does work.

Jorge Garza, Monterrey, Mexico