Lance Butterfield

Being able to believe a diet will work is the first step in making anything happen for yourself, trusting that the HCG protocol would work was easy for me because I saw Terrie's results. Buying into a diet plan where you do not know someone with results is hard to do. I was also ready for something to work and that is very important. You have to be ready yourself; no one is going to make this happen for you.

Taking HCG as a shot from a doctor is something I never would have done, the expense and time and bruising would have turned me away. The simple process of drops made the HCG protocol work for me. I am 42 years old and had a starting weight of 263 lbs. As I write this today I have lost 43 lbs in just 54 days. More than I could have done with any diet and exercise program. I have gone from a tight 40" waistline to a 36" waistline.

One of my concerns was going thru this protocol and Thanksgiving at the same time. I did eat a modest meal at Thanksgiving and to my surprise actually increased my weight loss in the days following thanksgiving, I have also had a few events to attend and meals where I had to exceed the protocol. In these cases I usually did not lose anything that day but did not gain either and then upon resuming the recommended diet would immediately start losing again sometimes even picking up extra the second day after the zero loss day.

I have learned so much about myself during this process. I used to eat food because I was bored, now I eat food to stay healthy. I used to not exercise because I was too tired from work, now I exercise and it gives me more energy at work. Eating a healthy diet makes me feel so much better. I miss certain foods, but this is my love for food talking, I generally go thru the day satisfied. If I am hungry, it is because I need to eat. And as long as you spread out your food throughout the day, you can be satisfied all day. If I have to do something a little more physical, then I may have to up the calorie count a little to compensate for that, but still eating the proper foods.

The amount of energy I have now is awesome, with no soda, no sugar, no pasta, and no breads I feel great everyday. I have started projects around the house, am caring for my mother whose is in a nursing home, working endless hours, hitting the gym at 5:00 am to exercise 3 days a week and I just keep going. I feel like the energizer bunny!

Our grocery bill has reduced a tremendous amount. We buy the essentials and with less volume it just doesn't take that much to survive a week. I can easily justify that just on the savings of not eating out and not buying junk I have saved more than five times what the HCG drops cost to purchase.

I had a day last week that gives me all the reward I need. I was out walking in the early morning and a neighbor who had not seen me since I started didn't recognize me as I approached because my body shape had changed so much. When you notice someone taking a second look because you have changed so much it gives you all the power you need to continue. This is the easiest change I have ever made and would tell anyone who needs to lose weight that this is the best possible system to do it.

Day 54 and 43 lbs lost, best I have felt in 10 years, what else do you need to hear? Nothing will happen without action, do something! Make the call! Make the commitment to change your future!

Lance Butterfield
Orlando, FL