Lisa Dowdell

I had tried all kinds of diets and nothing really worked for either taking off the amount of weight and inches that I wanted or in keeping it off. I didn't like the way I looked in my clothes and my self-esteem was starting to suffer.

My best friend introduced me to the HCG diet after she was on it for a few weeks. I saw that she was actually losing weight, so I decided to give it a try. At the time, I was wearing a size 14 and weighed 195 pounds. In one 60-day round I lost 40 pounds and went down to a size 6!

I have tried various fad diets in the past such as the "Lemonade Diet" or "Fruit Flush" and had lost at the most 12 pounds, but always hit a plateau.  Without a game plan of how to keep it off it, the weight immediately returned.

I tried the "Belly Fat Diet" but the plan was too complex for me and I wasn't able to follow it. Most diets I found never gave any education about how and what foods add weight, never allowed me to lose the amount I wanted to lose, and never gave me the knowledge or tools to keep it off.

Before starting the HCG diet I researched it to understand how it worked. The most impressive part of this protocol for me is how the plan reintroduces certain foods into your diet through the maintenance phase. I never understood how your body had to be stable at a certain weight for six weeks in order to maintain that weight. I think that's why previous diets never worked for me. This protocol helped me understand how one gains weight and it gave me a game plan to maintain my weight.

The protocol was very easy to follow. During VLCD, my favorite meal was grilled chicken and steamed spinach. I could have eaten that every day! In Maintenance, my favorite meal was an omelet with mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes -- cooked with a little butter once I could have it.

One challenge I had was celebrating my 18th wedding anniversary and having plans for dining out. However, once you understand what you can have on the protocol, it’s easy to navigate through any menu. During my second week of maintenance we went on a cruise (yes, all you can eat) but after 60 days of working hard to get this new body, I wasn't the least bit tempted. The most difficult thing was trying to weigh myself on the ship to make sure I was within the 2 pounds of my goal weight. I was so glad to get back on land so I could finally see my true weight.

Most of all, I loved the ThinNow support! I often chatted online with the support staff from ThinNow and they were so very helpful. I asked them questions whenever I was uncertain about how to best take my drops, meal planning, preparing me for maintenance, and many other topics. They were always very helpful and so friendly. When I recommend ThinNow to anyone, I always suggest they contact the support team for any questions or if they are uncertain about something.

I feel like I have a whole new body and I'm a whole new me! The weight loss was so quick I really didn't have time to get used to it, but everyone around me noticed it. Now I'm really starting to feel different. I feel great going shopping because I can fit into clothes I would have never tried on before. I even ran for the train the other day and wasn't even winded! I feel more confident in the way I look. I haven't been a size 6 since I had my son 19 years ago. I have so much more energy - I can even keep up with my 18-month-old granddaughter!

I have recommended ThinNow to many of my co-workers and family members. I tell them to research it first and to understand how the protocol works then, once they are ready for the commitment, I encourage them to do it. It has worked for everyone I know that has followed the protocol. “Respect the protocol” is what I say!

You have to be ready to commit. Most people read about the 500 calorie limitation without truly understanding how the diet works. I tell them to not let that discourage them - it’s there for a reason. I was never hungry during the diet phase and I actually felt like I had a lot of energy. It's great if you can do it with someone to create a support group, but if you have to do it alone, the ThinNow support team will be there for you. If you want to lose weight this is the answer - it really works!