Doctor Endorsed

Dr. Shawn FergusonAs a physician, I am committed to healing, nutrition and good health. I wholeheartedly endorse the HCG Diet Protocol, the African Mango Diet, and the Raspberry Ketone Diet presented by ThinNow. Their unmatched team of Certified Nutrition Coaches has done what all others have failed to do – focus on nutrition. I believe this is the key factor in the unprecedented weight loss results their clients have experienced.

Obesity is a dangerous and rampant condition that harms the human body in many ways. Many overweight people have used fad diets, extreme exercise routines, pills, and surgery to lose weight, only to become frustrated at how much they have starved, worked, and spent with little or no results. Worse yet, others have lost weight only to regain more. These attempts have failed because they treated symptoms instead of addressing the real issue, which is twofold: (1) retraining the body to burn rather than store excess calories and (2) forming lasting healthy eating habits.

In regard to the HCG diet protocol, the weight loss results are astonishing when the protocol is followed precisely. It can be the perfect solution for men and women who are frustrated with numerous failed attempts to rid their body of excess fat over the long term.

Research has shown that very small daily doses of the HCG hormone paired with a restricted-calorie diet can result in fast, healthy weight loss by using abnormal fat cells for fuel.  These are the fat cells that are formed every time the body stores excess calories once it has been trained this way after years of dieting, starving, and bingeing.

Other reported benefits include relief from joint pain, an increase in energy, and of course lower blood sugar, which happens even at a 10% loss of body weight. While the HCG diet protocol requires following the plan down to the detail, the benefits can be very fulfilling and long-term. We have found this to be a fat loss treatment that is well worth your time and effort if you seek rapid weight loss and improved body shape, with the long-term goal of good nutrition and overall health.

Those who prefer a less structured method of weight loss will want to use the African Mango Diet or the Raspberry Ketone Diet formulated by the ThinNow Certified Nutrition Coaches.  Clinical studies have shown an average weight loss of 8.9 pounds per month with no change in diet. However, the plans created by ThinNow focus on balanced nutrition and long-term maintenance of a healthy body, and typically result in even faster weight loss when followed.

The African Mango and Raspberry Ketone diets are ideal for men and women whose lifestyles simply cannot accommodate the very structured HCG Diet Protocol.  The list of food choices is extensive, yet the results are impressive.

To your health,

Dr. Shawn Ferguson, D.C.