Janet Wilson

Co-Owner of ThinNow

Janet Wilson is a dynamic and successful business owner who, since 1997, has specialized in helping others achieve and surpass their own personal and financial goals. Known as one of the pioneers of Internet-based training, over the years Janet has built and nurtured her reputation for quality and integrity. She has a passion for traveling, helping others in need, and providing support to several children's charities.

Janet has been on a weight loss roller coaster since 1984, trying numerous programs like Nutrisystem, Atkins, Weight Watchers, and even lapband surgery in 2005. Most recently, in 2007 she combined healthy (restricted) eating with daily workouts with a personal trainer and lost 75 pounds, only to gain back half of it within a year. In 2008, she learned about the HCG Diet from friends. After fully researching it, she realized Dr. Simeons' Pounds and Inches answered the questions she had been asking for years about obesity.  She came to fully understand the vast difference between the HCG diet and everything else out there--primarily that this works when others don't.

Since Janet has experienced firsthand the speed and effectiveness at which the HCG Diet delivers stable, healthy weight loss, her intention is to get HCG drops into the hands of every person who has struggled to lose any amount, from that last 10 pounds to the seemingly impossible 200+ pounds, and to make sure each person gets the support and coaching he or she needs along the way. Both she and Terrie recognize that the critical element of support - before, during, and after - is severely lacking in the HCG Weight Loss industry, and every day they work toward correcting that.