Terrie McDonald

Co-Owner of ThinNow

Terrie McDonald has spent the past 20 years in the customer service industry, with the last 10 years as director and then VP of Operations for a nationally known networking company. She is passionate about many things, but most of all loves being involved in a thriving business who's sole purpose is helping people feel better - "I care about each customer and want to help them achieve their goal weight because everyone deserves the chance to shine and feel great about themselves."

Struggling with her weight since the age of 12, it was only after having two children that the weight gain turned into a battle. Terrie feels the answer to permanent weight loss has been unlocked with the rediscovery of the HCG Protocol, a 50-year-old manuscript that needs to be in the hands of every person who has weight issues. She knows there are others hurting and wanting to live at a normal, healthy weight. Her goal with MyHCGPlus is to let them know there is an answer to their struggle and that the process works.

Along with giving 110% to MyHCGPlus, Terrie also finds time to volunteer at church and raise funds for a charity very close to her heart, the Fistula Foundation. She loves football, the outdoors, being active and traveling. Gratitude is a part of her everyday life, and she feels truly blessed with the love and support of her family.