Debra Burch

I never thought of myself as obese even though my BMI and photos of myself clearly indicated I was. I was in denial and had a false image of myself. After all, I felt fine. I had sufficient energy, was relatively active, and didn't have any serious health issues (yet).

Until about age 22, I was relatively fit and comfortable with my weight. Then with my first child, I gained 60 pounds! That was 20 years ago and I gained another 40 since then. I've gained and lost weight many times over the years - I tried everything, diets, pills, exercise, gyms...countless dollars wasted. I'd lose weight and then gain it all back again, plus more - a very common story.

I'd just about given up hope and even considered surgery to get rid of my belly fat. Thank God for HCG! I am so thankful that this protocol was introduced to me by my sister-in-law!

If you educate yourself about how HCG drops work, you will find it makes perfect sense and it's not a quick fix or just another diet program - the HCG diet gets rid of the fat, period!

I tell everyone I know about the HCG protocol and how it's changed my life. I have so much energy, I eat for my health (not because of boredom or emotions), and I feel 10 years younger.  People tell me I look younger too, which is a great confidence boost.

I can't thank MyHCGPlus enough for helping me get my life back. I am so happy with the results from this product, after being over 200 pounds for the past 20 years, I never thought I'd weigh under 200 again. 

I have lost 86.4 pounds after just 3 rounds! I wanted to express my thanks for helping me FINALLY find a cure for my weight issues. I could not have done this without ThinNow/MyHCGPlus. Dr. Simeons and the MyHCGPlus WONDERFULLY HELPFUL, RESPONSIVE, and ENCOURAGING coaches are my heroes!

I have one more round to go to reach my goal of 110 pounds lost. I sincerely hope my story will help you decide if HCG is right for you and I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed me.

Debra Burch, Washington