Janna Ryan

Just five months ago, I was wearing size 16 jeans. Thanks to ThinNow/MyHCGPlus, I am now a size 6 and feeling fantastic - and I have SEVEN children!

I gained 10 pounds with each pregnancy and I ended up 70 pounds overweight.  I was 200 pounds at Christmas 2010 but I am currently down 60 pounds and 45 inches after two rounds with HCG drops and the diet. My weight loss has been life changing!  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

I just had my 2 dance recitals this week and I had to re-introduce myself because most people don't recognize me anymore.  I was happy to tell them that I have lost 60 lbs since they last saw me, which was last Christmas!  And I had brochures to hand out and I saw that a friend from Monday's recital ordered today so I'll earn a bonus!

What I loved about HCG is that it’s not set up to make you a customer for life, it’s set up to make you healthy for life. I loved the fact that I could lose the weight and learn in the process how to keep it off. I can’t thank ThinNow/MyHCGPlus enough. You guys are the best.

Thank you SO MUCH!

Janna Ryan, Nebraska