E Sevilla

A funny thing happened when I turned 30, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t able to lose weight like I could in my 20's. The weight loss methods that I had used previously with success, were falling short.

I started gaining more and more weight, and I realized something had to be done. I remembered a book that I had read in the 90’s by Kevin Trudeaux about a weight loss treatment. My wife bought the book, and we started researching.

As a man, my number one concern was hunger. I didn’t believe that 500 calories was enough to sustain me, especially with a physically demanding job. But to my surprise, I was never hungry.

My wife and I each lost 70 pounds, and couldn’t believe how easy it was! All we had to do was follow the rules, and the fat literally disappeared. It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. 

I completed 2 rounds to get to my goal weight, and I can’t believe how I am able to eat plenty of food now and not gain any weight back. I can really tell my body is working with me to keep the weight off, rather than fighting to gain it all back.

HCG really is for everyone who needs to lose weight, man or woman. Thank you ThinNow/MyHCGPlus, you truly are lifesavers!

E. Sevilla, Utah