Meredith Kitchens

Wow, I can’t even begin to express how much ThinNow/MyHCG Plus has changed my life.  I am 25 years old, 5’8.5” tall, and at my heaviest, weighed 190 lbs. When I began Round 1, I weighed 186 lbs. I completed a 55 day round, lost 29 lbs and 28 inches!! I am now 156 lbs. and I have never felt better in my life. I averaged .8 lbs. lost per day.

I was never a person that looked “fat”; I carried my weight pretty evenly, but I was a big girl, no doubt about it. Of course I wanted to be thinner and be more comfortable in clothes, but more than that, I wanted an education in food and health and to change my HABITS. I had a pretty ignorant, bad relationship with what I ate. I am an emotional eater and no quality or quantity of food was off limits to me. I hardly ever ate fruits or vegetables, and NEVER cooked.

Well, after doing HCG, all that has changed. I feel like I got a Master’s degree in proper eating, and my tastes, my habits, my attitude towards food has done a complete 180. I also feel like I have a solid handle on how to proceed with life after HCG. I have never come across a “diet” plan before that so practically and realistically prepares you for life after weight loss.

I think that has got to be my favorite thing about all this: The knowledge and the tools are all there to almost effortlessly maintain what you worked so hard for. Believe me, you will reap benefits from this that are worth a thousand times more than the price you spend on drops, or on your food. I would do this process over the same way in a heartbeat.

There is no way I could ever express the extent of my gratitude and the total education that I received. I feel an overwhelming gratitude not only for HCG, but ThinNow/MyHCG plus. My experience with this company has been nothing short of excellent (and no, they aren’t paying me to say this!), and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in this protocol. They treat you with respect and genuine care, and they are accessible to you for any and all questions virtually any time you need them. 

Thank you, ladies, you will never know how much I appreciate your hard work!

Meredith K., Maryland