Kris Hawk

This has been the easiest diet I have ever done - and I have maintained since July, 2011. Seeing the quick results has kept me on track and reminds me that I don’t have to struggle for weeks before I see the scale move just a little bit. With just a little determination and a great support team like the coaches at MyHCGplus, ANYONE can do this.

After all the “fad diets” I tried and thought they were the one that would get me going in the right direction I finally took my chance at the HCG protocol and it was the easiest because of the way the whole system works and the proof is not only on the scale but in my photos and my medical records.

I am 80 pounds lighter, off of all medication and I am no longer obese. I don’t have high blood pressure any more, and my cholesterol is back to normal. 

Update - July, 2011 - After my final round of HCG, my total HCG weight loss was 119.4 pounds! I also shrunk by 107 inches and have easily maintained this amazing new body within 2 pounds!  I started my first VLCD day at 269.8 pounds. 

I can't shout loudly enough how much HCG has changed by life - I simply feel amazing! Don’t wait any longer, take that step today and join the rest of us that finally made that call and found success at last!

Be ready to commit. Be ready to tell yourself: I can do anything for a minimum of 26 days. Twenty-six days at a time. 

Kris Hawk, Nevada