Elizabeth Eisamann

For years I tried to lose weight with various diets and exercise programs. They all promised results, a few worked for a short time, but I couldn't maintain for very long. 

In March of 2011 I stumbled upon homeopathic HCG drops. This started my research and I found ThinNow/MyHCGPlus. After reading their materials and seeing the support they gave, I decided to try the protocol.

I will admit I was skeptical, but since I had tried everything else I figured there wasn't much to lose. Once I committed to the protocol it was smooth sailing. My friends and family supported my desire to lose weight, even though I didn't explain how I was doing it. 

My first round started in late April 2011 and lasted 39 days. I lost 24 pounds and 36.75 inches (10 of those inches were in maintenance!).

My second round began in August of 2011 and lasted 37 days. I lost 18 pounds and 16 inches. I went from a size 14 to and size 4 in less than 5 months total for both rounds! 

My final stats are astounding:

After Two Rounds
Pounds Lost: 42.4
Inches Lost: 52.75
Starting BMI: 31.3
Ending BMI 23.5

This protocol really helped me learn about myself and my body. I realized that food doesn't have to have power over me and that I can enjoy life. My health is so much better now that I have taken the time to lose the weight and take care of myself. 

Elizabeth Eisamann, Ohio