Sandra Parmer

Losing the weight on the HCG diet was AWESOME! Finding myself in the process was a true blessing. I never saw myself as obese even though the scale said I was. The truth was I was hiding under that extra 70 pounds I gained with my two kids.

I had failed at so many diets, wasted so much money trying to lose the fat. Even tried sweating it away with a personal trainer three times a week. Nothing worked until I stumbled across ThinNow/MyHCGPlus. 

I had heard about HCG on the news and went for a consultation at a clinic nearby. I walked away disheartened because the clinic wanted $2000/month, something I could never dream of affording.

When I found ThinNow/MyHCGplus I was a little skeptical. How could the drops, which were SO affordable, work when the injectable version was so incredibly expensive? A round of HCG drops was cheaper than my personal trainer, so I decided I would try just one more thing. 

It was the best decision I’ve made in my life! I lost 40 pounds and four and a half dress sizes during my first round! In my second round I'm getting that last 30lbs off, losing 6lbs in my first two days and dropping half a clothing size. I love this diet! 

Since my impossible battle seemed to be won, I gained the confidence to start my own photography business, a dream that appeared stuck on the horizon and never quite in my reach. Knowing I can do anything now once I set my heart on it has made my business take off in ways I never thought possible. This isn’t just about losing a few pounds, this changes lives!  

Sandra Parmer, Texas