Barbara Young

I started the HCG diet with ThinNow/MyHCGplus on May 15th at 165lbs. The before picture was taken on April 27th in my office for a business news magazine article. The dress was an xl, and you can see how I'm straining it in the middle area. And, I was sucking it in!! 

My first round of the HCG diet (including 6 weeks maintenance) ended on August 7th. I stabilized quickly after VLCD, at 140.2, down 24.8 lbs overall. The biggest difference was in inches, a total of 21.25 inches lost! I reduced 5.25" each from my waist and belly alone!

I am currently in my second round of the protocol (Sept). I'm working on losing my "muffin top" (yes, it's shrinking!) and so far on VLCD Day 15 I am down another 4lbs from my stabilized (140.2) weight. And I have shrunk another 2 inches!

Totals to date: 23.25" inches lost; 26.8 lbs lost; body fat reduced by -5.2%; and BMI down 4.1. My dress & pants size went from a 14/XL to 6 (yes 6!) and I can wear heels again :)

The Big Bonus? My weight-related aches, joint pains, and scoliosis muscle spasms are gone and I'm off my pain meds altogether. The support and encouragement ThinNow/MyHCGplus provides is a big part of my success story. You gals are always there. You rock!

Barbara Young, Arizona