Ryan Butterfield

I chose to do the Raspberry Ketone diet from ThinNow because it isn’t near as restrictive as the HCG diet. I like to cook and eat, and this protocol gave me more options to choose from in the kitchen.

Immediately (within the first 4 days) I noticed a HUGE curb in my appetite. I couldn’t eat half of what was on my plate anymore. I also noticed for about the first two weeks I was bloated a lot and felt sluggish. 

I contacted the ThinNow support staff and they reassured me that this was my body detoxing. Depending on my diet prior to the protocol, it could take anywhere from three days to two weeks for my body to get out all the toxins and sugars. They suggested I up my water intake and stick with it and eat clean. I did that and they were right. 

Around the end of the second week, I noticed a HUGE change. I felt amazing. I had so much energy and when I stepped on the scale my weight was down. It was a complete turnaround. 

I weighed 200lbs when I started the ThinNow Raspberry Ketone diet. I stayed on for about 7 weeks and stopped at 184.6lbs. 

I’m so happy the support team was there for me, because if they hadn’t been, I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it.

Ryan Butterfield, Georgia