Rebecca Gilley

At the end of 2010 I made a promise to myself that I was going to lose weight. Not just for me, but for my two little girls. It all of a sudden hit me when I was sitting on my couch, eating and watching them play. I didn't know why I wasn't down there with them playing and being a good mommy. 

I had gotten into the habit of eating whatever I wanted no matter what time it was or what we were doing. I couldn't believe that I let myself go, and my children were seeing it. And I knew that they were going to end up like me if something didn't change. 

I didn't want them to have a mommy that couldn't even sit on the floor and play, a mommy that couldnt run around because she was so out of shape, a mommy that was going to DIE if I didn't fix it now!

I started praying that I would find something that would help me. That week I was online trying to find something to try, then I got a phone call from a family friend and she told me about the HCG diet. I couldn't wait to start!

A year later and 100 pounds gone forever, I am feeling like I am supposed to. My little girls are benefiting from it as well. If I didn't fix myself first there is no way they would be healthy.

I did it for my little girls Gracie and Emily, and for myself. Thank you ThinNow/MyHCGplus for saving my family and my life.  My starting weight was 256.6 and my ending weight is 148.6!

Rebecca Gilley, Kentucky