Mary Joyce

In December, 2011, I weighed my heaviest at 266 pounds. I was looking into gastric bypass surgery and had even gone as far as going through the psychological interview and getting approval from my insurance company. I was on 2 high blood pressure meds, a reflux medication and my cholesterol was in the high 200's. My triglycerides were in the high 300's!

I couldn't breathe and when I tried to take a stress test I didn’t last on the treadmill long enough for my Cardiologist to register a reading.  In January, my sister told me about the drops and I have to say that she literally saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life. I started the drops on January 8, 2012. 

I wasn’t always heavy. I gained the majority of my weight during my two pregnancies and wasn’t successful in taking it off afterward. I tried literally two dozen diets and the one thing that I just couldn’t do was change my eating habits. 

Being on the drops enabled me to finally change my entire attitude toward food. My body just doesn't crave the unhealthy foods. I do not eat any sugar and the carbs I consume are minimal, wholegrain, and healthy. I never had a sweet tooth...I would take a porterhouse over cake any day, but bread, rice, pasta was an issue. I haven't had any of that and have no desire for it. I have an incredible amount of energy and my life no longer revolves around food. 

I can't even begin to tell you how easy it was. I was just going to "try" it for one round of 26 days, but by day 20 or so I was already down more than a pound a day.  I just ignored any date restriction that I set for myself and went right for the 40 lb/60 day whichever comes first mark.

My friend would come over every Monday and measure me. Every other Monday she would take my pictures. This was so important to me because I have fat girl mentality and having the pictures really helped me to see the difference in my body. The transformation has been incredible.

I also used ALL the tools that you offer on the site. That made a huge difference as well. From January 8, 2012 to May 9, 2012, I lost 75 pounds, and that was with a 6-week break in between rounds. 

I went back to my cardiologist in March and she took me off ALL my medications.  In May I passed a stress test with flying colors! I also went to my primary care physician in May and my cholesterol was 154, triglycerides were 91. All my blood work came back fine.  I used to have low potassium and was anemic but that was cleared up as well.  So, in addition to not lugging around those 80 pounds, I am healthier than I have been in 13 years. 

I am back at the gym. I didn't work out at all the first two rounds. But I did start back after getting off the drops in May and am into a nice workout routine, which I will continue. I would like to lose another 20 pounds, just to bring me right to my ultimate goal. 

I'm so grateful to ThinNow/MyHCGplus for helping me along this journey. Their support and coaching is top notch and invaluable.  I will be out and about and see someone who is obese and I want to just yell to them to try the drops. I am so relieved that I didn't have to have that surgery. I was just inches away.

It has truly been an amazing journey and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

Mary Joyce, Massachusetts