Patty & Dennis Nun

While caring for my 8-week old grandson when his mother went back to full-time work, I meticulously and carefully recorded every half ounce he ate in her absence. As a breast feeding mother, it was important to both her (and me) to know how much he was eating each day in order to track his growth. 

After about a week recording every ounce of my grandson's intake, it dawned on me I had no idea how much I was eating! I pretty much ate what I wanted - when I wanted. When was the last time I recorded what I ate every day? Never!

Over the past 40 years I have watched the scale gradually climb from 115 pounds to nearly 175 pounds. I'm 5'4." My husband and I are the biological parents of six adult children. After each pregnancy I got my weight down to a reasonable weight; however, over the years the pounds slowly cropped up. I wasn't happy living in my skin.

Several months ago I noticed several ladies at my church who each had lost a significant amount of weight. They looked healthy, vibrant and seemed to exhibit endless energy. I inquired and learned they "took some drops." Really? How do you take drops and lose weight?

One of the ladies referred me to For about two days I studied the web site, read the remarkable testimonies of weight loss, and read and reread Dr. Simeon's book POUNDS AND INCHES. I decided to do the minimum suggested 21 days of VLCD (very low calorie days) - hoping to drop ten pounds.

I purchased a food scale from ThinNow and started weighing my food. I prepackaged portions (according to the dietary guide) a week at a time. Therefore, when I went to my freezer/refrigerator/pantry, all I had to do was select one protein, one vegetable, one fruit, and one Melba Toast (optional) per meal. 

I took my HCG drops regularly each day and maintained a 500 caloric daily intake. I wasn't hungry and had incredible energy. I drank between one-half and a gallon of water a day. On my 21st day on the VLCD I had lost 16 pounds!

My husband saw the weight loss on me and joined me in my program. So both my husband and I continued to my 55th day on VLCD along with the daily HCG drops. 

Dennis said, "I struggled to control my weight for over 20 years and it gradually kept accumulating. I found myself at the age of 61 weighing 207 pounds (I'm 5' 9.5"). In hindsight, I can't believe how easy the ThinNow diet was for the 34 days I was on 500 calories/day. I was never hungry, enjoyed a variety of low-calorie/highly nutritious foods, and lost 30 pounds in one round of 34 days."

We enjoyed losing the weight together. If we went out of town during our VLCD days, we'd pack up the cooler with our individual pre-measured baggies and kept on our eating program.

With each 250 calorie meal I tried to make it as "gourmet" and unique as possible. I used pretty placemats, colorful dishes, cloth napkins, stem goblets for our water, low lighting and candles, prepared and cut the food in different shapes, didn't eat the same thing twice in one day, made cute frozen fruit pops, and disciplined ourselves to enjoy a 30-minute meal. We followed the HCG diet from Thinnow exactly each day, and we lost the weight.

We each have kept our weight within two pounds of our LDW. We weigh ourselves every morning (we've purchased a small travel scale that fits quite nicely in a suitcase), enjoy fabulous and nutritional meals within our new daily caloric intake (Patty - 1,900; Dennis - 2,300), introduced coconut oil into our diet, and practice a regular and reasonable walking routine.

To sum up our eating program, I would identify the following as helping us be successful with our eating program:

  1. Visible results from others in my church :-)
  2. Great support system, both at home and with coaches.
  3. Weighed and prepackaged our VLCD foods.
  4. Downloaded a calorie counter on our I-phones and recorded each calorie eaten each day on the VLCD, Maintenance, and a daily record in Life Phase.

Pearson's Law says, "When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and recorded, the rate of improvement accelerates."

Thank you to my family for your support!

Thank you to support staff! You are quick to respond to questions and always encouraging!

Thank you to my church ladies for your support!

Patty and Dennis Nun
Lincoln, Nebraska


PATTY: One round of 55 days:
Starting weight: 174 pounds.
Dress - Size 14
Jeans - Size 12
Sweater - Size L
Shoes - Size 8.0
Significant arthritic pain in my right knee.

LDW: 142 pounds (-32 lbs)
Dress - Size 6
Jeans - Size 4
Sweater - Size S
Shoes -  Size 7.5
Pain in my right knee has vanished.
Sleep through the night.
More energy.
NO saggy, baggy left-over skin!


DENNIS: One round of 34 days:
Starting weight: 207 pounds.
Jeans - Size 38
Sweater - Size L
Shoes - Size 10
High blood pressure.
High cholesterol.

LDW: 177 pounds (-30 lbs)
Jeans - Size 33
Sweater - Size M
Shoes - Size 9.5
Sleep through the night.
More energy.
Normal blood pressure.
Cholesterol is the lowest in my life.
NO saggy, baggy left-over skin.