Lionel Hawley

I was so tired of being a thin person in a fat prison.  At 415lbs my weight was crushing me.  A big reason I started this protocol was the positive recommendation I received from my brother about his pastor and his wife who told my brother Mark and his wife about the protocol. 

The improvements in my medical conditions are astounding to me. I am able to breathe better, walk further, be more interactive with my children.  As you can imagine at 415lbs you really have no life, but losing more than 200 lbs has let me get back to living and interacting with my children and has brought a lot of my life's dreams and desires back to life.

I've tried many other diets and fad diets and though they help you lose some weight they eventually come to a point when they stop working and then you give up and all the weight plus more finds its way back to you. Not so with the HCG diet. 

It is December, 2012 and I am on my 6th round and have lost an average of 45 pounds per round.  As of today I have lost 225.6 lbs.  I went from 415 to 189.4 and I went from a size 5XL to a size large.

[Update: As of June, 2013, Lionel completed his sixth and final round of the HCG diet and is in Life Phase, with a total weight loss of 246 lbs.]
I chose Thinnow/Myhcgplus because of the awesome support and staff and all the fellow HCG'ers that are always around on the Facebook page to encourage and keep you motivated. I use the support and advice of the staff and coaches and the fellow HCG'ers. It has always been encouraging, helpful, and motivating.

I think maintenance (not the actual dieting!) is probably the hardest part but once you have it figured out it’s not as hard as it seems.  First time around it can be intimidating but not overwhelmingly so.  I really had the do-or-die mindset from the beginning. Nothing would keep me from this.
I am always recommending the ThinNow/MyHCGplus HCG diet protocol to my friends.  Most of my family has jumped onboard the loser train and has begun losing weight. I do really encourage it for those who ask and want to change.
I'd just like to say to those thinking about losing weight: give this protocol a try.  You can do ANYTHING for 26 days.  You're just a click or a phone call away from a new you, so why not get off the rollercoaster of losing and gaining and lose your weight for the last time.  If I can lose 200 pounds in a year, you can definitely be successful at this too.

Lionel Hawley, Alberta, Canada