Robin Smith

I am a true Midwest girl who was raised on meat and potatoes, homemade dinner rolls and cake and pie and all things full of sugar. My weight has always been a source of frustration and a big struggle. I have tried every national weight loss franchise you can join. I even lost weight with one or two of them. I put the weight back on immediately after I finished.

In 2012 I hit an all time high of 205 lbs and felt pretty hopeless. My sister-in-law said she was losing weight with HCG. She had started with injections administered by a medical clinic but had found ThinNow and and switched over. It was less expensive than the injections, there were no regular costly visits to the Dr, no daily injections and it worked just as well. 

I took the plunge and decided to give this whole weight loss thing one more shot. I read through "Pounds and Inches" 3 times! For the first time in my life I felt that there was hope. Finally someone had explained obesity in a way that made sense to me. 

On October 17, 2012 I did what felt like the most bizarre thing in my life when I consumed 250 g of fat in my first fat-load day. After day 1 of VLCD I lost 7 lbs. I had to get back on the scale repeatedly to make sure I was reading it correctly! 

Over a period of 3 rounds I lost 75 lbs. For me, when I'm on HCG, my asthma completely disappears, my thyroid symptoms completely disappear and my leg cramps completely disappear. I'm not saying that will happen for everyone but it has been so successful for me that my Dr. suggested that I put on a few pounds and do another round to give my body a break from some of the thyroid symptoms I was having. So I did and I'm finishing up the round now.

This morning my scale read 128. I started at a size 18 and my jean size now is a 4. 

There is something about the protocol and using the online tools in my private client area, recording my daily weight and tracking my food and water consumption, that has changed my relationship with food. I don't understand it but I am so thankful! I remember the day that my weight went from "obese" to "overweight" on the graph. It was a milestone for me. 

My husband and I eat a radically different diet now than we did 2 years ago. He often says, "I love the way we eat now." 

I called the 888 number several times for help answering questions about food choices, plateaus, even questions with my account. I loved hearing the always kind and friendly voice of the coach on the other end of the line ready to help with anything and always ready to encourage. 

As I started losing, friends around me noticed and they also joined ThinNow and have done very well. Then their friends noticed and jumped on the ThinNow train. One of our friends created a Facebook page for those of us who are using ThinNow HCG and who live in and around our community. We use it to encourage each other and challenge each other as we go on this journey. It's turned into a great community and we have 83 people now who are on the Facebook page!

I feel better, my metabolism has definitely reset, I'm making healthy choices in my life and the future is looking good! I'm so thankful for the gift of ThinNow and HCG!