Signe Rogers

It was August 2011 when I had a wakeup call and started to get serious about changing my eating habits after I was diagnosed with diabetes in the last half of July.  I already had been on thyroid and blood pressure medications for several years, I was suffering from post-menopausal hormonal imbalance and my adrenals were barely functioning.  In short my health was a serious mess and I was feeling it.  

I had not heard of HCG yet and I simply started doing what I knew how by eliminating sugar and eating more vegetables.  As I started regularly checking my blood glucose levels before and after meals I quickly saw that when I ate carbs, even the unrefined complex carbs that I had been told were better for me, my blood sugar was much higher at the 2-hour interval after each meal and I realized that those carb foods were not helping me to control the diabetes, so I drastically reduced starches in my diet.

After a friend shared with me about HCG and I read Pounds and Inches, I still had a pretty large dose of skepticism.  I watched her complete a round using ThinNow/MyHCGPlus, I talked with my Naturopath who endorses the HCG protocol and I believed that the HCG action on my hypothalamus would have a positive effect in helping other glands start to heal as well. 

By the time I decided to give HCG a try it was coming up on holidays and I didn't want to start before Thanksgiving.  I also didn't want to miss out on at least little samples of my family's traditional Christmas Eve dinner because those foods are simply so engrained with the celebration for me. 

I decided ThinNow/MyHCGPlus was for me and made December 24, 2011 my first fat load day so I would not have to feel guilty about what I ate. I have now completed three back-to-back rounds using ThinNow/MyHCGPlus, and it has been an experience I would not trade or give back.  

The product works wonderfully and the coaching support has been the backbone to my success. The HCG diet protocol has taught me to change my habits and I have learned new healthy eating habits that will carry me forward into life phase when I get there. It is the discipline of seriously following the HCG protocol that has been exactly what I've needed to learn and change bad habits.  I've also learned much new information correcting nutritional misinformation that is so common that we grow up with.

I have not needed any of the oral diabetic medication since the middle of my first round of the HCG diet.  When I saw my M.D. last March he told me there was no longer any need to do any blood sugar testing, and he fully expects that I will no longer need the blood pressure medication or thyroid at some point as I continue to lose.

To date, I have lost a total of 86 pounds since I started a year ago; 52 of those pounds while using the HCG since Dec 24, 2011.  I still have close to 50 more pounds to lose and today (Sept 8, 2012) I am finishing fat loading to begin Round 4. The changes I've seen are fantastic, the learning invaluable on so many levels, and staying where I am is not good enough. Onward until I reach the goal of getting to my ideal body!

A year ago when I went to the Kansas State Fair I decided to have a splurge of fried green tomatoes, and today as part of my fat loading I was again at the fair eating fried green tomatoes.  Those before & now pictures are attached.  I have gone from 254 lb. size 24 jeans, XXX shirt, to 168 lb. and size 12.

Signe Rogers, Kansas

UPDATE: August 3, 2013


I have now completed 6 full rounds of HCG diet as a ThinNow client and have lost 100 pounds!  I have gone from a size 24/3X to a 8/Small.

Those are visible physical changes. Unseen are the greatest changes for the better, such as no longer needing medication for diabetes because my blood sugar simply is not an issue any longer.  Same goes for my blood pressure or thyroid meds.  And emotional healing has been incomparable to anything I have ever known.

I can resolutely add my voice to the others who say that the HCG diet works, regardless of age, gender, or physical condition.

Through my 6 rounds, I have followed the HCG Diet and ThinNow Maintenance plan to the letter. The keys to success do not end there though. They also lie in using the tools and resources provided by ThinNow because of their dedication to doing things right!

Helpful features include: reading the materials provided by ThinNow on the web and in the online Forum on how to do the HCG diet, the automated progress tracker, the ThinNow store with products to support every aspect of following the protocol (I have never been disappointed by a single thing I’ve ordered from the ThinNow store!), the community support in the online Forum, and most of all the ThinNow coaches who are there to encourage and help me move forward over my obstacles and give me the tough love when needed.

I have nothing but a lot of thankfulness for what Dr. Simeons discovered with HCG and for what Thin Now provides for clients.  This all truly has been an answer to prayer for me.  It works – and I am not finished yet!  Staying true to the vow I made to myself when I started to not quit until I made it to my ideal weight, I will begin Round 7 soon, continuing my journey of restoration and weight loss.

Signe Rogers
Newton, KS