Sterling Anthony

I used to be called “Big SA”, but now I’m just “SA”. I am currently at 199/200 pounds with a total weight loss of 110 pounds! I did 6 rounds of the HCG diet, but the first 2 rounds I didn’t follow the instructions. It was catastrophic, but I eventually got on the right path.

I used to wear 3X t-shirts from the big and tall section, but now I can fit in mediums, no problem. My biggest change was my waist. I went from a solid 46 inch pants to 36 inches!

I decided to lose weight because health conditions run in my family, but I also want to see my kids grow up. Also, I was in the public eye a lot and although they loved me as a big guy, I felt that life would be easier if I was a more normal weight.

I heard about HCG from a family member. Once I started doing the research, I found that a lot of companies sell HCG, but ThinNow had the most to offer with the coaching and lots of supporting products, so that’s why I went with them.

The best thing about is probably their support team, who I talk to often. They make me feel like family and I can tell that they actually care. They’ve been there.

How do I feel about my body now? I feel like a new person! Sometimes I see my shadow or pass a mirror and I am in disbelief that it is actually me. I feel good because I can walk or run without getting winded. My confidence has risen too.

If you are worried about cost, then you need to think of it as an investment in yourself. You invested in getting yourself obese so now you need to invest the money to get back into a healthy lifestyle. Do it for you and for your family so they can have you around for many more years.

If you cannot follow directions, this diet is not for you. As I said, I did two rounds not doing what I should and it didn’t work. If you can do it with a friend or family member to keep you accountable, that really helps.

Also, get ready to wear new clothes! I’m even convinced that my feet have lost weight because my shoes don’t fit the same anymore.

Finally, remember that embracing health is embracing life. You need to ask yourself if you want to live long or if you want to die sooner. If you want to live long, then this protocol is for you.

Don’t go some other places to try HCG because you will be disappointed. I promise you!