Kathy Haley

I have spent most of my adult life overweight. I handled a traumatic event that took place in my life by eating ....and eating I did. I went from about 125 to 200 pounds in a matter of a few short months.

I tried several other diets, going up and down in my weight and never really reaching my goal and the person I knew existed inside this body. It seemed like all I had to do was look at food and I would gain the weight back. I now realize that what I put my body through at the age of 20 messed up my metabolism so that I could never actually maintain a weight loss.

When I learned of this protocol and the science behind, I was excited to give it a try. It has proved to be the solution I needed to lose the weight, but more importantly, helped me learn how to keep it off for the rest of my life.

While I began this journey with another product source, I wanted a change for my remaining rounds. I contacted several others in my search for a company I could trust. I knew I wanted a homeopathic product.

When I called ThinNow they guided me through the process of product choice to find the best one for me. Though others had communicated with me, ThinNow took real care and concern about my overall health, not just my weight loss.

I used the ThinNow support often - and loved it. I am thankful for them always being at the other end of a phone, a chat, or email to answer questions and give help when I needed it. I wish I had known about them when I first began this journey.

So thankful they were a part of the last 2 rounds, especially my final maintenance phase before starting Life Phase. They were a God-send! I will continue to recommend them and have seen others be successful with the ThinNow HCG diet as well.

The biggest challenge I had during the protocol was not to let others, who had "heard of HCG" or had done it somewhere else and gained all their weight back, detour me from my goal. Their opinions or experiences were theirs, not mine.

After 3 rounds of the HCG Protocol, I have lost 55 pounds and nearly 69 inches from my body! I started at a size 18-20 and ended at a size 6-8.

I am now the grandma that loves to zipline, para-sail, and keep up with her grandkids. Now I can do that without being completely exhausted. That is priceless because these experiences only happen once and now I won't miss them.

I would say this to others who are thinking of doing this: IT IS NEVER TO LATE.