Staci Landis

My name is Staci Landis and I lost 80 pounds on the HCG diet, and 45 more pounds in Life Phase.

For 13 years I struggled with my weight. I knew what to do in order to be healthy, but failed endlessly to actually do it. Over the years, I lost and gained the same weight, each time vowing to end the cycle. I have been on every diet and did okay on many of them, but couldn’t keep the weight off long term.

In 2010, I reached the end of my rope. I hated myself and the way I felt and looked, as well as the person I had become both physically and emotionally. I felt that my weight was a barrier for me to be the best mother and wife I could be. 

At 260 lbs., I felt hopeless, worthless and knew that if my life didn't change, I would lose who I was meant to be. I prayed for help to change my life and unhealthy attitude and lose the unhealthy weight.

I heard about HCG from a friend of a friend on Facebook. I researched, found the MyHCGPlus website, and read Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches. I was a bit skeptical, but felt that I had nothing to lose by trying. 

With money I received for Christmas, a New Year’s resolution to finally lose the weight, and faith that this just might be the answer to my prayers, I ordered the HCG drops from ThinNow/MyHCGplus.

I completed a 40-day round and a 26-day round and had amazing success! I could hardly believe this was working so well! I loved the maintenance phase because I was finally learning how to eat healthy to maintain this incredible weight loss. I couldn't believe how much food I could eat and not gain weight!

The following spring, after getting into exercising (yes, exercise actually started working after all the fat came off from HCG), I did another short round of HCG.

HCG has done for me what no other diet or no other plan on the market has done. I have kept my weight off since 2011 and that is something that I have not been able to do in the past. I feel so much better about myself. 

I credit ThinNow/MyHCGPlus for coaching me through this tremendous transformation, an invaluable benefit not found anywhere else. With a total weight loss of 125 pounds and a completely re-shaped body and renewed mindset, I have become the vital person I was meant to be.

Staci Landis, Wisconsin