Want to Know What Sharks and Grandmas Have in Common?

They Both Love Ice Chips Featured on Shark Tank!

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Featured on Shark Tank, Ice Chips are healthy candy. Choose from 18 delicious flavors.

If they say it can’t be done, leave it to two grandmothers to prove the world wrong. Two women were once told that the FDA approved natural sweetener, xylitol, could not be formed into a hard candy. Low and behold, they had already invented it and now they can show-off their tasty treats to the rest of the world.


The candy is called Ice Chips. The ladies and the Ice Chips with Xylitol were even featured on the hit ABC show, Shark Tank. The show allows everyday people the opportunity to explain their personal inventions and then the sharks (who are already affluent entrepreneurs), get a chance to back the inventions or back away. The two inventors of Ice Chips received a deal from the sharks and now have a successful sugar-free candy company.


What Makes Ice Chips Different from Other Sugar-Free Candy?


Xylitol is the key ingredient in Ice Chips. This makes the candies much more flavorful than regular sugar-free candy. In addition, Ice Chips only contain Xylitol from Birchwood which makes them 100% natural.


Xylitol is a sugar and alcohol compound found commonly in fruits and vegetables. The reason Xylitol is not used from these other items is because it is not always known how they are grown. Unfortunately, many fruits and vegetables are genetically modified to increase crop growth and resist disease, but can be harmful for consumption.


Even though scientific consensus believes there is no risk to humans, these grannies do not take the chance. Between them they have 11 children and 37 grandchildren, so they believe in nothing but the best when it comes to ingredients.


The fact that they contain an all-natural sweeter makes them healthy. Xylitol has nearly half of the calories that sugar products contain. In fact, there are only two calories in one serving of Ice Chips.


Ice Chips come in 18 mouthwatering flavors. As the name suggests, they are in the form of easy to savor chips or flakes. They are packaged in a convenient flip-top tin that can be stored anywhere.


ThinNow is the only place you can buy Ice Chips by the tin. Other websites sell Ice Chips by the six-pack and you have to buy six of a flavor or a package of mixed flavors you might not like. On the ThinNow website, you can choose your Ice Chips flavors and pay LESS per tin.


Who Can Eat Ice Chips?


Dieters – they are a great way to curb sweet tooth cravings

Diabetics – thanks to the all-natural sweetener, Xylitol

Children – they promote strong teeth and reduce tooth decay (recommended only for children old enough to eat hard candy)

Anyone in need of a little fresh breath – the candies fight mouth bacteria

Pregnant Women – studies have found a link between Xylitol during pregnancy and stronger teeth in infants


Use the link provided above to see why Ice Chips are becoming so popular. It’s not every day that a healthy candy is introduced to the market. In fact, the main focus of Ice Chips, as explained on Shark Tank, is to be in the health food industry due to their sugar-free low calorie nature. Currently, there is nothing else on the health food market like these candies.


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