Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Hurt Your Waistline

Healthy Ways to Say I Love You

Valentine's Day Gifts that Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy
Give healthy Valentine's Day gifts that REALLY Say "I love you and I want you to live longer"!

You can’t walk into a store after the first of the year without seeing shelves full of delectable chocolates and candies that say “Be My Valentine.” While it’s great to want to share your feelings with those you love, adding to their waistline isn’t exactly a great way to show your sweetheart that you care. It’s like saying, “I love you, but I want to make sure you don’t live a long and healthy life.” It just doesn’t make sense.


This Valentine’s Day, take a different approach. Choose a gift that truly shows the special people in your life that you want them to be around for as long as possible. Give them something that encourages their health, rather than takes it away. Don’t know what to get? That’s okay because we have lots of ideas for you.


Fitness Products


If your honey likes to exercise or at least wants to work out more because he or she knows that it is good for them, here are some gifts you may want to consider for your active sweethearts:


  • Fitness Equipment. You can buy dumbbells or resistance bands for a relatively low cost or, if you want to express a huge amount of love, you can always go with a treadmill, elliptical, or weight machine and spend quite a bit more.
  • Gym Membership. This is a gift that shows you care all year long. Better yet, get one for yourself too and work out together, strengthening your bond even more.
  • Workout Clothes. It can be invigorating to work out in new, stylish clothes that make you feel as if you’ve already met your goals. Pick them out yourself or get a gift certificate to a sporting goods store that sells them and you’re a winner either way.
  • Music Card. One of the best parts of exercising is jamming to your favorite tunes while sculpting your body. Get your favorite guy or gal a prepaid card and let them download music that inspires them to push themselves harder.
  • Heart Rate Monitor. How can the person who has captured your heart not feel loved when you give a gift that ensures that their heart doesn’t get too taxed? There are many options available so you can go as cheap or as expensive as you’d like.


Healthy Eating Gifts


Maybe your loved one isn’t so much an exerciser, but is trying to watch what they eat. In that case, here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will help them meet their health and weight loss goals:

  • Juicer. Make sure your special guy or gal gets more vitamins and minerals with the gift of a juicer. This all but ensures that they will meet their daily requirements when it comes to the nutrients their body needs.
  • Steamer. Healthy cooking is very important when it comes to weight loss and maintenance, and steaming foods is one healthy option to consider.
  • Water Bottle. Keep your loved one hydrated by making sure they have a brand new water bottle that makes H2O fun to drink!
  • Food Journal. Studies have found that people who track what they eat and drink tend to lose more weight and keep it off. Making this a gift helps support their weight loss success.
  • Weight Loss Program Membership. Sometimes people don’t sign up for weight loss programs because they don’t want to spend money on themselves. If that’s the case, show the person that you think they’re worth it and buy them a weight loss program that confirms it!


Romantic Gifts to Help Your Loved Ones Celebrate Their Bodies


Of course, Valentine’s Day is all about the romance, so if you want to stick with that theme, these gifts make great “I love you and want you to love yourself” options:

  • Sexy Lingerie. Let your loved one know that you love his or her body just as it is by giving a romantic nightie or some silk boxers that are just as much fun to take off as they are to put on!
  • Massage. Help your sweetheart enjoy the body they’ve worked so hard to get by giving them a soothing and relaxing massage with a scented oil to ease their overworked muscles.
  • Gift Certificate for New Clothes. Celebrate their weight loss efforts by giving your special someone a gift certificate for new clothes to show off their smoking hot body.
  • Day at the Spa. Go all out and give your honey a day at the spa to let their stress and anxiety slip away, making it a Valentine’s Day to remember with a smile.


With spring coming soon, not only will these gifts say “I love you” to your sweetheart, but they will also help them reach their goals of looking their best for summer. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


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