How to Slim Down Your Holiday Dishes

Top 10 Helpful Tips for Dieters During the Holiday Season

Tips to Eating Healthy During the Holidays
Not sure how to make your favorite holiday foods healthier for you? Here are 10 great ideas!

During the holidays you’re surrounded by homemade dishes and desserts that make your mouth water and your taste buds beg for “just one little bite.” But you know that if you give in and gorge on all of these tempting foods, you’re going to gain back the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose – and then some.


So, how do you navigate in and out of the kitchen during this food abundant holiday? By making a few simple changes to the foods you normally eat you can avoid feeling deprived and still enjoy some of your traditional holiday favorites. Here are 10 tips to get you started.


Tip #1: Save up to 56 grams of fat per cup of gravy by refrigerating it first and then skimming off the visible, hardened fat. (This works for meat dishes too!)


Tip #2: If you can’t bear the idea of Christmas without green bean casserole, just swap potato chunks for the cream soup. Then top it with almond slices instead of fried onions for a protein powered crunch!


Tip #3: When you make your mashed potatoes, leave out the butter and replace the whole milk with skim. Add flavor to them by using chicken broth, horseradish or garlic powder. Sweet potatoes can be dressed up with just a little bit of orange juice.


Tip #4: Create your own healthier version of eggnog by pureeing 4 bananas, 1.5 cups skim milk, 1.5 cups plain non-fat yogurt, and ¼ tablespoon rum extract. Top with a sprinkle of nutmeg.


Tip #5: Make your vegetables super tasty and lower in fat by using chicken broth and fresh herbs (like lemon grass, rosemary, dill, and basil) instead of butter.


Tip #6: Instead of filling your squash with butter and brown sugar, use apple juice concentrate, fruit preserves, or maple syrup. Or use Stevia for a sugar-free way to make it even healthier!


Tip #7: To make your dips better for you, simply replace the cream cheese with silken tofu. It helps you get a smooth and creamy texture without giving you all of the fat.


Tip #8: Buy the leanest cuts of meat that you can find, and trim off any visible fat before cooking. This includes removing the skin from any chicken or turkey that you plan to make.


Tip #9: If your recipe calls for eggs, use 2 whites for every whole egg and save yourself fat and cholesterol!


Tip #10: Season your dishes with lemon juice and fresh herbs and spices as opposed to salts, butter and margarine and you can excite your taste buds without increasing your waistline.


Enjoy your healthy holiday dishes and this magical season with family and friends!



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