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We are happy to offer our repeat customers a 5% discount for life. To receive this discount after your first order of HCG drops, simply login to your PCA to place your subsequent orders. 

To make things fair, we do not offer daily specials.  However, we do offer a monthly special of one of our HCG packages, and these change from month to month.  To learn more about any current specials, please email support@ThinNow.com . We also hold a variety of drawings on our forum, which we encourage you to join: www.ThinNow.com/forum

We actually have one of the lowest prices per ounce of HCG! When you're comparing HCG prices, you need to be comparing prices on a per-ounce basis and should take the arbitrary "number of days" claims out of the equation and focus on the "number of ounces" of HCG you're getting for your money. 

The product you purchase is DROPS - not DAYS. Many HCG vendors claim their drops will last a certain number of days (and some of these claims are very far out there!) and all they have to do is adjust the # of drops they say you need - then they can claim one or two ounces of HCG lasts 23 days and charge you $89 to $165. The consumer sees "23 days for $89" and thinks they are getting a good deal when compared to ours at $149 for 26 days. Until they realize that the $89 is for 1 ounce and they actually need 4 times $89 to get the correct dosage. Our $149 is actually less than half price. 

In terms of the correct dosage, you will read on many HCG websites that 30 drops = 125 IU, and that is correct. However, the sublingual (under the tongue) delivery method doesn't have near the absorption as the injection method, and the dosage must be doubled from 125 IU to 250 IU to be as effective. Therefore, the correct dosage of HCG sublingual drops is 250 IU per day, which is 60 drops per day.

We offer live support through website chat, our Forum, toll-free phone (1-888-424-5220), and email seven days a week. Our current support hours are Monday-Thursday 8:00am ET to 10:00pm ET, Friday 8:00am ET to 8:00pm ET, Saturday and Sunday 10:00am ET to 6:00pm ET. If you happened to reach us while we are closed, we will get back to you the very next morning. If your call goes to voice mail during business hours, it just means we are helping other HCG dieters at the moment and we will call you right back.

We currently ship to over 60 countries, including Canada. To find out if we ship to your country, add items to your cart and use the drop down menu under “choose shipping option.” If you do not see your country listed, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We ship the same day on all orders received before 4 p.m. ET. All orders received after 4 p.m. ET will be shipped the very next day (except orders placed after 10am ET on Saturday – those ship on Monday). Our standard method of shipping is via Priority Mail, but we do offer expedited shipping via Express Mail (or FedEx outside the U.S.). Once your order ships, you will receive an email from USPS.com with a tracking link.

The minimum amount of time one can be on the HCG protocol is 26 days; therefore we do not offer trial sizes of our product. The HCG protocol requires following the guidelines for a set amount of time – simply trying out the drops for a few days is not an effective research method to determine if the HCG protocol is right for you. Have you checked out our testimonials page (http://www.ThinNow.com/realpeople.php )? Better yet, have you interacted with other HCG dieters on the ThinNow Forum? http://www.ThinNow/forum

We offer a 90-day refund policy for all unopened, original-seal-intact products. You can read our entire return policy here: http://www.ThinNow.com/terms.php

We offer a 90-day refund policy for all unopened, original-seal-intact products. You can read our entire return policy here: http://www.ThinNow.com/terms.php

All of our support staff has successfully completed one or more rounds of the HCG Protocol, and have been trained by ThinNow to coach and support our clients in accordance with Dr. Simeons’ protocol.  In addition, each of our support staff undergoes continuing education on topics of health, nutrition, and fitness. Our Certified Nutrition Coaches are certified through Venice Nutrition, an IBNFC approved organization. Our Food Psychology Coaches are certified through the Spencer Institute’s Food Psychology Coach Program.  Both of these certifications require continuing education.