General HCG Diet Questions

Yes, it is perfectly normal for your menstrual cycle to be a bit off while on the HCG protocol. We’ve seen ladies experience spotting, delayed, and early periods. It truly does depend on the individual. If you are concerned about irregularity of your period, check with your doctor.

Yes. The same rules regarding food/beverage during the 15 minutes before taking drops and the 15 minutes after taking drops apply – avoid smoking during this 30-minute window.

Dr. Simeons is clear in Pounds and Inches that medication may interfere with the HCG protocol. What this means, generally, is slower losses or longer stalls. When considering the HCG protocol, you should discuss your particular prescription medication with your doctor to determine if the HCG protocol is right for you. If your doctor agrees, then coming off your prescription medications while on the HCG protocol will yield the best results.

We have had many Type 2 diabetic clients successfully complete the HCG protocol. We always ask clients with pre-existing medical conditions to first discuss the HCG protocol with their physician. However, Dr. Simeons addresses diabetes in Pounds & Inches, where he states that Type 1 diabetics should not undertake this treatment.

Dr. Simeons does mention that hair loss can occur in some people while on the HCG protocol. It is important to remember that, with ANY rapid weight loss, hair loss is possible. This is not an effect of the HCG.  If this does occur, the hair loss is not permanent. 

Absolutely! While on the HCG protocol, the quantity of food you are consuming simply does not produce the same amount of waste that your previous diet produced. It is perfectly normal for a bowel movement to occur every 3-5 days while on the protocol. If there is no discomfort, this is perfectly fine. If you do experience discomfort, you may want to speak with your physician. Some of our clients use psyllium husk capsules, but they must be free of sugars and starch. We recommend and sell the NOW Foods brand.

We would not recommend giving blood while on the VLCD portion of the HCG protocol.

Congratulations! As long as your OB/GYN has cleared you to resume to normal activity and you are not nursing the baby, anytime would be fine to begin the protocol. Keep in mind that Dr. Simeons states the best time for women to begin treatment is right after menstruation, so after your first postpartum cycle would be an ideal time.

If you are nursing, you will need to wait until your baby is 6 months old and then contact us for assistance in modifying the protocol to meet the caloric needs of breastfeeding. Do not attempt the HCG protocol without our assistance if you are breastfeeding.


Yes! Dr. Simeons allowed birth control pills while on the HCG diet – these will not interfere with the protocol. It is important to note that HCG is one of the most commonly used fertility drugs (though, in much higher doses) and that weight loss can also increase fertility.

No. HCG does not cause breast cancer. However, if you are at risk for breast cancer, have had breast cancer in the past, or are concerned, please check with your doctor to determine if the HCG protocol is right for you.