HCG Diet Loading Questions

It certainly is disheartening when you make the decision to start a new diet and you immediately gain weight. Don’t panic – everyone’s body responds a bit differently to the loading days. Most people will see an increase of a few pounds, some will see a much larger increase – but some people will stay the same weight or even lose weight. All of these are normal. Regardless of what happens while on your loading days, any weight gained from loading, plus more, should disappear within the first few days of VLCD.

There are no forbidden foods on load days! Enjoy whatever you want in addition to high fat foods. Do be aware that you need to aim for 250 fat grams per day, so any foods eaten that are high in carbohydrates or sugar should be in addition to the high fat foods you have eaten to meet the goals of the loading days.

This is VERY common, as the HCG is starting to burn your fat for fuel, which means you need less fuel. You do still need to fill yourself to capacity with the highest fat foods you can find. A trick of the trade that our support staff uses is to buy 1-2 quarts of heavy cream (or heavy whipping cream) and drink it throughout the day. It is delicious mixed with coffee, some flavored stevia, or even chocolate syrup (blend with ice for a really yummy milkshake!). Drinking your fat makes it a lot easier to get enough fat in your system. 

Do focus on high fat foods if you are not hungry. The higher carbohydrate foods will fill you up a lot faster than a pound of bacon will. Make smart choices! 

For your two loading days, you will need to take the normal HCG dose of 10 drops, 6 times per day (or 0.5 ml six times per day, total of 3.0 ml daily). If you have consulted with one of our weight loss coaches and they have recommended you load for more than two days, you will only take your drops on the LAST TWO DAYS of loading.

The most common effect of improper loading is hunger during the first week of the HCG protocol. This usually subsides after the first week. If you have focused on eating high fat foods and not necessarily high carbohydrate or high sugar foods, your hunger and detox symptoms will be less.

It is important to focus on foods high in fat, as these are the foods that will stock your normal fat reserves and lead to minimal to null hunger during your first week on the VLCD. Dr. Simeons gives the guideline “eat to capacity of the highest fat foods” – we interpret that to mean, “Eat until you are stuffed, and then eat high fat snacks in between.” A list of high fat foods you may include in your diet during loading are included in ThinNow HCG Diet Guide.

That being said, feel free to eat what you’d like on loading – including alcohol. These foods will not help accomplish the goal for the loading days, but there are no restrictions – so enjoy your favorite foods in addition to your high-fat foods!

There isn’t an exact number to shoot for – Dr. Simeons tells us in Pounds and Inches that we must eat to capacity of the highest fat foods that are available. Many dieters are excited at the prospect of eating whatever they like during the loading days, but we have found that clients who focus on high fat foods in the ThinNow HCG Diet Guide tend to do much better.

Aim for at least 250 fat grams (more is fine) per day while loading and you will find that you are in the range of “at capacity.” It will be much easier to aim for that number if you are focusing on high fat foods rather than high carb/high sugar foods (pasta, French fries, breads, etc.). Remember: if you eat a lot of sugar, it may make your detox a bit more difficult.

The loading days are important to your success on the HCG protocol because it stocks your normal fat reserves and prepares the body to release abnormal fat stores during the VLCD. In addition, proper loading can help tremendously with any hunger as your body transitions to using your abnormal stored fat for fuel.