African Mango Promotes Weight Loss

African Mango Promotes Weight Loss

African Mango for FAST Weight Loss
African Mango is effective for Appetite Suppression and Fast Weight Loss especially when combined with Raspberry Ketone.

Irvingia Gabonensis is an indigenous African tree found in Cameroon, Africa. It is also known as the bush mango or wild mango tree. Though the African Mango has recently been shown in studies to aid in weight loss, it has been used for more than two thousand years in Africa. African’s have eaten the fruity mango and tasty nuts, also known as Ogbono or Dika nuts, for years to aid in fighting off hunger and many other domestic and homeopathic uses.


The fruit is harvested between the months of July and September. For western Africans, this tree and its fruits serve many purposes. Natives of the land use the bark to treat diarrhea, hernias, yellow fever and even toothaches. They also believe the bark to have healing and antibiotic properties and thus ingest it or use it to treat burns and other skin irritations.


The fruit is much like the mangos Americans know, with its orange flesh, aromatic smell, and juicy taste. The seeds or nuts are the most beneficial part of the fruit because of their nutrients and natural benefits. Africans have used these nuts for centuries in their cooking. They can be ground into a paste or flour for baking, used as a thickening agent in soups and stews, and the extract can be utilized as cooking oil.


Classified as oil seeds, these nuts provide an abundance of nutrients not found anywhere else in the world. In their natural state, they are a powerful multivitamin without any of the synthetic ingredients that chemically produced multivitamins have. They contain a large amount of dietary fiber which promotes natural weight loss, lowers cholesterol, and improves digestive functions. These many uses for the African Mangos are what has nourished western Africans for years and what is now creating such a stir in nutrition and weight loss circles today.


Scientists from other countries originally studied the African Mango for its potential to help naturally lower cholesterol. This resulted in the discovery of a hugely effective weight loss aid. When the nuts of the African Mango are ground into an extract and used as a dietary supplement, studies show participants losing tremendous amounts of weight.


How African Mango Affects the Body


The way African Mango extract works for weight loss is that it speeds up the body’s own ability to burn fat by eliminating toxins. The result is an increased metabolism. The high percentage of B vitamins contained in the extract is one of the reasons for this effect. In addition to increasing metabolism, Irvingia Gabonensis also serves as a natural appetite suppressant. There are two hormones in the body that are affected when taking African Mango supplements.


The first affected hormone is called Leptin. African Mango extract stabilizes the body’s Leptin levels allowing it to perform the function for which it is intended. Leptin is the hormone that tells us when we are full. Leptin resistance is shown to be one of the leading contributors to the inability to lose weight for overweight and obese people.


Inadequate amounts of Leptin in the system due to excess weight leave no way for a person to be alerted when they have had enough to eat. For most Americans, this leads to overeating, making it nearly impossible to lose weight. In fact, this is why so many American find that they gain weight over the holidays. When Leptin levels are low, the urge to indulge ourselves is difficult to fight off.


The second hormone affected by African Mango extract is Adiponectin. By increasing Adiponectin in the body, insulin levels increase naturally. Increased insulin levels cause the body to utilize more fat for energy by improving glucose and fat metabolism. This causes a boost in energy as well as fat burning capabilities leading to fat losses all on its own. The fat cells that were accumulating as a result of overeating will be accessed and burned as fuel for the body.


This could also be the reason that researchers are studying more on African Mango in conjunction with diabetes. Since it appears to increase insulin levels, there is thought that it can help fight diabetes. This idea was first studied by researcher Judith Ngondi, of the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon. In 2009, she recruited 100 overweight individuals for a study and had extremely positive results. African Mango extract is still being researched today for aiding diabetics.


African Mango Weight Loss Studies


In addition to Ngondi’s study on African Mango extract and diabetes, in 2005, she studied its effects on people with high cholesterol and blood pressure. The results of this research encouraged her to further her research for diabetes. Ngondi found that participants who received Irvingia gabonensis three times daily showed an improvement in blood lipid or blood fat levels. This included significant drops in triglycerides, cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol. The amount of HDL (also known as good cholesterol) also increased. The placebo group did not manifest any changes in blood lipid levels. This was an excellent indicator that African Mango can also aid in the reduction of cholesterol.


These studies show why taking African Mango extract is so vital to weight loss. The supplement causes not only a reduction in appetite but fewer cravings as well. With only the necessary amount of calories now entering the body and a boosted metabolism, the chances of losing weight are optimal. The results can be a 10 to 15 pound weight loss per month with no change in diet. For even greater results, add in a slight dietary change or small workout. Not only will you see a slimmer you, but a healthier one too.


What to Look for in an African Mango Weight Loss Supplement


Simply take the African Mango supplement 30 minutes before eating both lunch and dinner. That’s two pills per day. In no time at all, you will be eating less and feeling great. When purchasing the supplement, be sure to look for the highest concentration of African Mango extract in the product you purchase.


You want to be certain you are purchasing a 100% natural product. Avoid those that contain fillers and additives as they have no health benefits. Remember, the nutrients needed for reaping the benefits come directly from nature. There is absolutely no need for extra ingredients. Read the label carefully. Reputable companies will show their labels online. Be sure to only purchase from these trusted sites.


Give African Mango extract a try and you will feel more energized, less hungry, and experience fewer health concerns. There are no dangerous side effects, which make it both safe and effective.  You have only one thing to lose – all that extra weight you’ve been trying to get rid of!



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