Freshen Breath and Clean Teeth with Ice Chips Candy!

Use Ice Chips for Fresh Breath and Clean Teeth

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Ice Chips as seen on Shark Tank are delicious and recommended by dentists.

That’s right; the world finally has a healthy candy. It is called Ice Chips and it comes in a variety of amazing flavors that freshen breath and clean teeth.


A refreshing blast of clean feeling comes from flavors like:

  • Cinnamon
  • Spearmint
  • Wintergreen
  • Peppermint


Ice Chips are NOT made from sugar. They are made from an all-natural sweetener called Xylitol. Xylitol comes from the bark of birch trees. It was once said that a hard candy could not be made from Xylitol, but two working women found a way to make it happen and Ice Chips were born. You may have seen the grandmas from Ice Chips on ABC's Shark Tank, where they got the Sharkand have become one of the biggest Shark Tank success stories of all!


Ice Chips with Xylitol are so good for teeth that dentists promote the candy. For maximum benefits 3 to 5 Ice Chips should be savored every day. They are small, flat candies that can be placed on the tongue and dissolved slowly to reap all of these benefits:

  • Fresh Breath
  • Stronger Teeth
  • Reduced Plaque
  • Decreased Bacteria
  • Eliminated Dry Mouth


Unlike many other sugar-free products, Ice Chips are delicious, satisfying, and leave absolutely no after-taste. In addition to fresher breath, these four flavors are all aids in eliminating stomach nausea. It has been found that women who consume Xylitol have infants with stronger baby teeth, so Ice Chips are even approved for pregnant women.


Ice Chips are flying out of the hands of dentists, nutritionists, and dieticians. But only on (or in our retail store) can you get all 18 flavors of Ice Chips by the single tin.


Ice Chips Candy is also great for people trying to kick the smoking habit, dieters with sweet tooth cravings, diabetics who need to keep blood sugar under control, and children who are old enough for hard candy. Ice Chips are not approved for furry family members like pets.


Ice Chips contain no genetically modified organisms, no corn, no sugar, no soy, no wheat, no gluten, and no dairy. There is not a healthier candy on the market.


Ice Chips are a breakthrough to not just the candy industry, but more importantly, the health food industry. There has never been a sugar-free candy like this sold anywhere before. Compared to average sugar, Xylitol contains almost 50% less calories. One serving of Ice Chips candies is just two calories.


The makers of the candy are experts on health products and decided to add Ice Chips to their line. Not once did they doubt that it could be accomplished. Ice Chips are not just a healthy candy, they originated from the hands of two people who know the meaning of hard work and determination. This kind of fortitude is expressed in each and every flavor-bursting chip.


Ice Chips candy comes with the motto, “The Good for you Candy!™” – and that they are.


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