Lose Weight with Ice Chips Tropical Flavors

Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita, Pina Colada - Oh My!

Ice Chips Candy Are Perfect for Dieters with Cravings
These delicious flavors of Ice Chips are perfect to satisfy sweet summertime cravings.

There is no better way to remind yourself about swimsuit season like tropical flavors and frozen drinks! Ice Chips Candy is that rare sugar-free candy that actually tastes the way it sounds. These three island paradise flavors will be exactly what every dieter needs to stay motivated for weight loss.


Ice Chips are made from Xylitol (Zy -li-tall). Xylitol is found in nature in fruits, vegetables, and tree bark. The only Xylitol used to make Ice Chips is the kind that comes from tree bark, specifically Birchwood.


The makers of Ice Chips choose to only use Xylitol made from Birchwood because there is no risk of pesticides or other chemicals used to genetically modify them for faster growth. While these chemicals are approved for use on fruits and vegetables, the makers of Ice Chips do not take that kind of risk with health.


The inventors of Ice Chips are two professional, family-oriented women who have a background in the health industry. Previous to Ice Chips, they created a skin care line. However, both ladies decided it was time the world had an option for a delicious yet healthy candy, and that’s when Ice Chips were created.


Why are there not more hard candies made with Xylitol?


It has always been said that a hard, non-pressed candy could not be made from Xylitol. That was until two women created it in their very own garage. Today, Ice Chips has grown into a successful health candy business.


Why is Ice Chips Candy okay for dieters?


Ice Chips are perfect for everyone. The reason they are recommended for dieters is because Xylitol has the sweet taste of sugar with nearly half the calories. A single serving of these flavorful treats contains only two calories and therefore, they are dietician approved. There is no better way to have a tasty treat with limited calories.


Are tropical flavors the only Ice Chips flavors available?


Absolutely not! There are 18 delicious Ice Chips flavors in all. However, most places choose to sell Ice Chips in 6-pack trays which give the consumer little control over flavor choice. ThinNow sells all 18 flavors in individual tins, so consumers can buy one or several tins of their choosing.


Are Ice Chips bad for teeth?


No, it’s the exact opposite. Ice Chips are sugar-free and dentist approved. In fact Xylitol helps fight tooth decay and bad breath caused by bacteria in the mouth. Xylitol is actually good for you, unlike artificial sweeteners in other sugar-free candy and mints.


How many Ice Chips can I eat per day?


For maximum benefits, you can eat 3-5 chips each day. They are called chips because that’s what they look like; small, bite size flakes. Each chip can be placed on the tongue and savored until it is fully dissolved, just like hard candy.


Can people other than dieters enjoy Ice Chips?


Yes! Everybody including children (old enough for hard candy) can have Ice Chips.


Ice Chips are perfect for:

  • Diabetics
  • Children
  • Smokers trying to quit
  • Dieters
  • Candy Lovers
  • Anyone in need of a little fresh breath!


Everyone can give their taste buds a tingling treat with Ice Chips. These are for human consumption only; Ice Chips are not okay for animals.  Much like chocolate, it can be harmful to pets, so keep the tins away from your four-legged friends.


Ice Chips are a great way for dieters to curb their sweet tooth. The tropical flavors, specifically, are a delicious reminder of why consuming healthy ingredients is so important. Find your favorite flavor of Ice Chips Candy today!



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