Raspberry Ketone – Is it the World’s Most Potent Weight Loss Ingredient?

Raspberry Ketone: A Potent Weight Loss Ingredient

Where to buy Pure Raspberry Ketone for Weight Loss
Learn why Raspberry Ketone is the most effective weight loss and fat burning ingredient.

Raspberry ketone supplements are a 100% natural and side-effect-free way to lose weight. Ketones are the aroma compound found in red raspberries. It is what gives them their delicious smell. For centuries, red raspberries have been used for a variety of things such as cooking, painting, and to create cosmetics. Recently, there has been media frenzy about the "magic" berry also successfully aiding in weight loss.


Studies showed that when raspberry ketone is consumed in ultra-high concentrated amounts, weight loss does occur. Scientists are able to safely and effectively reproduce the raspberry ketone compound in a laboratory. The amount of raspberry ketone in supplements is significantly higher than eating raspberries by themselves. The reason for this is that in order to get the amount of ketone needed to lose weight, one would have to eat 90lbs of physical red raspberries.


Not only would that be virtually impossible it would be extremely unhealthy. While fruits in their natural state contain a lot of substances that are healthy, including vitamin C and beta carotene, they also contain a lot of sugar, which is why they are so sweet. Fruit in moderation is an excellent source of vitamins for the body, but one would certainly not want to eat 90lbs of it! So many of these all natural products are made available in supplement form for this reason.


Raspberry ketones have shown to regulate a hormone called adiponectin. In obesity studies, this hormone has been found to be less abundant in individuals who are overweight. Adiponectin levels are associated with body fat percentage in adults: The higher the body fat, the less adiponectin was being produced.


This is where the link between weight and adiponectin was discovered. The link was also found to hold true with diabetics vs. nondiabetics. Diabetics also showed lower levels of adiponectin in their bodies. This helps explain why many diabetics are overweight. It all boils down to inner body glucose levels.


Adiponectin is a 244 amino acid long polypeptide. It is the hormone that is involved in regulating glucose levels and fatty acid oxidation. When ketone stimulates adiponectin, it helps to burn fat at a faster rate. Since adiponectin production slows down as one gains weight, the ketones “trick” the body into producing more adiponectin, regardless of the individual’s weight. Essentially, it “tricks the body into thinking it is thin.”


When adiponectin increases, glucose levels decrease. This also happens naturally during physical exercise. This is why many health specialists are recommending that red raspberry ketone be taken as a boost to accompany healthy diet and exercise. Doing so will help speed up weight loss faster than with just a healthy diet and daily exercise. There is no “miracle” diet pill, but taking an all-natural supplement to boost the rate of weight loss is certainly worth trying.


Another advantage associated with taking raspberry ketones on a regular basis is the increase in lipolysis it causes. Lipolysis is an appetite suppressant, meaning it will cause a person to eat less and have fewer cravings. Raspberry ketones aid weight loss, increase fat burning, reduce hunger, and improve waste removal by ridding the body of toxins.


Raspberry ketones also contain thermogenic properties, which cause an increase in body temperature. This results in additional fat burning capability and a greater increase in metabolism. A higher metabolism means more energy, and we can all benefit from more energy. Since raspberry ketone is an antioxidant, there are also other physical health benefits to the body. People taking raspberry ketone supplements have provided feedback of improved skin, hair, and nails.


Raspberry ketone has been approved for all body types in aiding with weight loss. Pregnant women and people with a serious illness should always consult a physician before taking any supplement, medication, or beginning a new diet and exercise. When taken as directed, pure red raspberry ketone supplements are proving to help people lose up to one pound of fat per week. When coupled with a healthy diet and daily exercise, the results will increase to as much as 8-10 pounds per month.


 It is recommended to take the supplement twice a day before eating a meal. These meals should be whichever are the largest in calorie consumption. For example, if a large breakfast is consumed, small lunch, and large dinner – the supplement should be taken approximately 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. If breakfast is foregone, the supplement should be taken before lunch and dinner.


A reputable nutrition website or store will guide you in the best way to take the supplements. The average consumption is said to be around 1000mg with each meal. Most supplements come in 500mg doses. That would mean 2 pills, twice a day, for a total of four pills daily. As with any purchase, be sure to read the label prior to buying. This is a natural product and needs no fillers.


Trying to lose weight can be challenging for many people. Most overweight Americans struggle with this issue the majority of their lives. Unfortunately, being overweight puts many of us at risk of serious illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a number of heart problems. Living in such a fast paced, busy world leaves little time for diet and exercise.


There is no better time to start improving the body than right now. With the added boost of red raspberry ketone supplements, it can make the weight loss process much easier. There are so many reasons and benefits to losing weight. It is not just for personal health improvement, but for the people that care about us too.


Let the ketones do their part to stimulate the glucose regulating hormones, increase energy and metabolism levels, and suppress hunger.  Although the method of losing weight is up to each individual, this is a powerful way to motivate oneself into not only setting but achieving weight loss goals.


Once the weight is lost there are so many benefits to experience. It is not just about a better body, but being healthier increases life expectancy and the quality of that life. There are financial benefits; many overweight people have to spend money on doctors, lab work, and medications. There are proven mental benefits; people that lose weight immediately feel better about themselves and are more active, which reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. There are emotional benefits of higher self-esteem and more self-confidence.


All of these things lead to a person who is willing to try new things, whether it be a new relationship, a new wardrobe, or going after that dream job.  Lose weight and get the confidence it takes to go after what you have always wanted.


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