Raspberry Ketones - Fat Buster Miracle in a Bottle

Why Dr, Oz Loves Raspberry Ketone Fat Burner

Raspberry Ketone - A Powerful Fat Burner
Dieters take Raspberry Ketone to burn fat and lose weight naturally.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is famous for his health advice. In a recent show, he discussed the weight loss benefits of Raspberry Ketones. Raspberry Ketone is simply a natural compound found in red raspberries. Its clinical term is Rubus ideaus. It is 100% natural and extremely safe.

You may be wondering why you need to buy this in supplement form and why you cannot just eat raspberries. Raspberry Ketones, in supplement form, are extremely concentrated. It would take over 90lbs of raspberries to equal the recommended daily dose of Raspberry Ketone. Not to mention, when in pure fruit form, that many raspberries would contain a lot of natural sugar.

Raspberry Ketones work as a fat burner in the body by tricking the protein hormone, adiponectin, into thinking you are thin. Raspberry Ketone lowers your adiponectin levels, and you burn more fat. Not only does it help people lose weight, it also helps with other health issues like diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and metabolic syndrome. Raspberry Ketone also helps to detoxify the body and give you more energy. People taking the supplement have also reported healthier hair, nails, and skin.

As far back as 1597, the health benefits from red raspberries for medicinal purposes have been recorded. These records can be found in a book entitled, Herball, written by John Gerard.  Gerard’s book became the most circulated book on botany in the 17th century. Some editions of the book can still be found today.

In recent studies, the weight loss benefits from ketones have proven to show that they help burn fat. Mice and rats are the most widely used animal organism in biomedical research since they have a similar genetic makeup to humans. It is said that the makeup is close to 75% to that of a human. It has also been found that the entire setup of the brain in both humans and rodents are nearly identical. Lab research is a vital component to understanding the human body.

Researchers discovered that when these compounds were given to obese rats and mice, they lost weight. In the experiment, to test the effect on obesity, the rats and mice were given raspberry ketone as well as a high fat diet for about 10 weeks. Scientists observed that, compared to just diet alone, Raspberry Ketone decreased the amount of fat in their livers and stomachs. The same results have been noted in other experiments performed in petri dishes.

There are some experts in the weight loss industry who ridicule the claims for weight loss with Raspberry Ketone. Then there are people who have taken it and have seen results from the use of the supplement. In turn, these people ridicule the experts who have shown disbelief at the claims made for weight loss with Raspberry Ketones.

It cannot be denied that this is a supplement that is not only safe but truly works. Scientists speculate that Raspberry Ketone stimulates the energy metabolism similar to that of capsaicin. Capsaicin is the compound found in chili peppers, which has also been studied and talked about for the aid of weight loss.

The episode of Dr. Oz that started the Raspberry Keytone frenzy was entitled, “5 Fat Busters, 5 Body Types, 5 Days”. His Raspberry Ketone statements were supported by his guest, Certified Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer, Lisa Lynn. Lynn stated that Raspberry Ketone was safe and effective for all five body types. When taken as directed, you will see results in as little as one to two weeks.

The typical recommended dosage is 200-1000mg per day, divided into 2-3 doses. Many supplements come in 100-500mg capsules. The bottle should state the recommended dosage.  The average recommendation is 500mg two times per day.

Be sure the ingredients listed on the label are all-natural. Many companies are trying to sell “synthetic blends” that are not as effective, or not effective at all. Be sure that Raspberry Ketone is listed as the main ingredient. You may see it combined with African Mango or Acai Berry. This is ok as long as the primary ingredient is still Raspberry Ketone – and that it is 100% natural.

Also, make sure the mg dosage per capsule falls within the recommended range. Otherwise, you will be getting very little to no Raspberry Ketones. The other fruits mentioned help combat weight loss and increase the metabolism as well, so you can get added benefits if you see a label with them included.

As with any safe, effective weight loss supplement, a healthy diet is recommended to accompany the supplement. This helps you see weight loss results much faster. Can a person lose weight on diet and exercise alone? Yes, of course. However, the Raspberry Ketones will help burn the fat quicker, which will cause you to lose weight faster.

When purchasing the supplements it in your best interest if you purchase a kit that includes the raspberry ketone supplement and a diet plan or guide to follow. You may also get some extra items in order to track your weight loss like a tape measure, progress tracker, and coaching support.

If you would like a jumpstart on losing weight without waiting months and months for results, be sure to take an all-natural Raspberry Ketone supplement before each meal. Remember to maintain a healthy diet, and you will be seeing the pounds fall off in a very little amount of time.


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