What Are the Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women?

The Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women
Learn about the best weight loss supplements for women - what is right for you?

If you’re like many women, struggling with your weight has just become a way of life. The good news is, regardless as to when the battle of the bulge began, it can be conquered.


First, losing weight is not about starvation. In fact, starving does not deplete excess fat stores. Instead, it depletes muscle and necessary fat, like the fat that protects your organs or the bottom of your feet.  Starving can harm the body and can’t be sustained, which means typically gaining more weight than you started with once you increase calories.


All-natural weight loss supplements work WITH the body to burn fat and have the ability to boost the body's internal process so that you can lose weight with very few food restrictions. Some supplements contain specific ingredients that help the weight come off up to three times faster than diet and exercise alone.


Choosing the best weight loss supplements for women is primarily based on body type and eating habits.


Raspberry Ketone Fat Burner


Raspberry Ketone has been recommended by Dr. Oz for all body types. Ketones found in red raspberries, naturally boost fat burning properties when taken in concentrated amounts. One dose of Raspberry Ketone extract contains as much ketone as is found in 90 pounds of berries.


Raspberry ketones are organic compounds that help break down fat cells to make them easier to burn. As we age our body’s fat-burning ability is weakened.  The raspberry ketone extract helps reverse this effect by increasing the body’s level of adiponectin which has become depleted over time. Adiponectin is responsible for instructing the body how to use calories efficiently. When optimum levels are present, more fat is burned. When this occurs, metabolism increases and digestion improves, making the body a more efficient fat burner.


The average woman loses 1-2 pounds per week taking Raspberry Ketone with no other dietary changes. When healthy eating and moderate exercise are added, the weight loss results are even more significant. This is twice as much weight loss than with diet and exercise alone.


African Mango Appetite Suppressant


African Mango extract comes from the seed of the African mango. The seed has been used as an appetite suppressant by the people of the African rainforests for centuries.


Women who struggle with overeating are excellent candidates for African Mango. In fact, most women combine the supplement with Raspberry Ketone in order to burn fat, increase the metabolism, and suppress the appetite. When this occurs, weight loss occurs in as little as one week.


Women who require a boost of energy also do well with African Mango. There is a very high level of B vitamins contained within the extract. The B vitamins are essential for energy production and nutrient absorption.


All-natural supplements are the most effective way to give the body that healthy boost it needs in order to stop weight gain once and for all. African Mango is among the best weight loss supplements for women.


Green Coffee Bean Extract Fat Burner


As the name implies, Green Coffee Bean Extract comes from raw green coffee beans. These beans are the coffee bean in its natural state. Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol® is the most powerful form of the weight loss supplement on the market today. In fact, due to the type of beans used, Svetol is the only brand of raw green coffee bean extract recommended by Dr. Oz to be powerful enough to cause weight loss.


When the body consumes more food than it can digest, fat cells begin to form with the excess, especially in hard to lose areas like the belly inner thighs, and upper arms. The chlorogenic acid found in unroasted coffee beans helps block glucose before it can fully enter the blood stream. This improves the digestion process so the glucose can be used for energy and not turned into fat. Green Coffee Bean Extract inhibits the fat storage process.


Women who want to stop storing fat and increase their metabolism for faster weight loss do very well with this supplement.


Garcinia Cambogia Appetite Suppressant


Garcinia Cambogia is a really good appetite suppressant, especially for the emotional eater. The extract of this fruit contains hydroxycitric acid, also known as HCA. HCA is found within the fruit much like citric acid in lemons and limes.


When the right percentage of HCA is consumed, it triggers your serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter directly responsible for feelings. It is scientifically proven that when a person is happy, they eat less and vice versa.


Serotonin levels in your brain have an immediate effect on your response to food. Increased levels allow your brain to think more clearly, giving you the ability to control food desires. When this occurs, octopamine is released, a neurotransmitter responsible for mobilizing fat cells. When both serotonin and octopamine are triggered by the HCA in Garcinia Cambogia extract, an emotional eater can control unwanted eating habits and burn off the released fat cells.


You can expect to drop an average of 8-10 pounds per month with just this slight change of eating habits, making Garcinia Cambogia Extract one of the best weight loss supplement for women.


These four supplements are all effective in weight loss. If you are a woman who wants appetite suppression, then you will choose African Mango or Garcinia Cambogia.  The added benefit of African Mango is that the best formulas add 500 mg of Raspberry Ketone so you get the advantage of increased adiponectin levels and start efficiently burning calories. Many women do very well with the Green Coffee Bean Extract, a powerful fat burner.


Whatever weight loss supplement you choose, the most important thing to remember is to make sure you get a high quality formula. There are many cheap supplements flooding the market today, many originating from overseas, that don’t have anywhere near the strength necessary to make a difference in the body. Only buy from reputable weight loss companies because they almost always have your best interests as their top priority since weight loss is all they do.


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