How Raspberry Ketone Aids in Weight Loss

Beautiful, aromatic, and juicy red raspberries have existed for centuries. It is reported that raspberries go back as far as the People of Troy. Historians tell us they were the first to appreciate this luscious fruit.


By the Middles Ages, raspberries were well known and used in many foods as well as for painting and medicinal purposes. It was only the rich, like King Edward the First of England, who could afford such a luxury. It was King Edward who received credit for cultivating the red raspberry, thus spreading its availability to the “common folk.”


It was not until centuries later during the American Conquest, that Europeans discovered that Native American Indians had been using raspberries for a long time. Native Americans would dry them in order to make them last longer and then eat the dried berries on their extended travels. By this time, red raspberries were exceedingly common to most Europeans. Famous European scientists were even beginning to publish books on the useful purposes of the red raspberry.



Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss: No Negative Side-Effects

What if someone said there was a way to lose weight that did not involve nasty frozen foods or ingesting harmful synthetic pills? Now there is. Raspberry Ketone supplements are 100% natural, derived from red raspberries. The ketones are the compound in the berries that give them their delicious smell. All this weight loss miracle consists of is taking the supplement 30 minutes before each meal and then letting the ketones do all the work.


Studies have shown that when participants took the recommended dosage of Raspberry Ketone before at least 2 meals per day, they lost an average of 1-2 pounds per week. The weight loss was based on an average calorie diet and no change in exercise. Studies further showed that when the ketones are coupled with a healthier eating plan and daily exercise, the weight loss results are doubled! Those are some incredible results.