The HCG Diet: An Overview of the Phases for Weight Loss

The Phases of the HCG Diet

Lose Weight Fast & Safe on the HCG Diet
When you follow Dr. Simeons' protocol, you will lose weight fast on the HCG diet.

The HCG diet has received a lot of attention in the past few years. Just about everyone that has tried it has lost a tremendous amount of weight and a high percentage of them have kept the weight off long term. The HCG diet success stories are abundant and can be read about everywhere.


HCG was first discovered as a hormone produced by pregnant women. HCG works with the hypothalamus gland in the body. The hypothalamus gland is partly responsible for the regulation fat, therefore, the HCG works by signaling the body to release stored fat into the bloodstream where it is in turn used for nourishment.


All of this information sounds extremely scientific, so how exactly does it all work? The HCG diet plan must be followed in three phases:


The HCG diet is completed by taking HCG via injections or oral drops. Oral drops are the most common and readily available way to begin the diet. Injections are very expensive and require an appointment with a nutritionist that specializes in the HCG diet. Whichever way is chosen, the place in which to obtain HCG should be reputable and trustworthy, with trained staff on hand to coach the dieter through the process from beginning to end.


The first two days of the HCG diet is the fat-loading phase. HCG is taken starting on the first day.  High fat foods must be eaten for two days at the beginning of the diet. The goal is to reach 250 grams of fat per day by gorging on fatty foods.  While it is ok to eat sweets and starches, focus on the fat. Remember, it is more about actual “fat” than “sugar.” High fat foods include bacon, butter, ice cream, cream cheese, cheese, anything fried, etc.


This high fat intake is crucial to successful weight loss with the HCG diet. When eating a lot of high fat foods, the body will want to turn the fat into new fat cells also known as lipids or fat molecules. However, with HCG in the body, the cells will be unable to turn into fat. Instead of storing new fat, the body will begin to loosen its existing fat cells.


This is a vital key to rapid weight loss with the HCG diet plan. The existing fat cells need new fat entering the body in order for stimulation to occur. It is, in essence, their “wake up call”. Since the fat is now mobile with the HCG hormone on the body, many dieters experience an average weight loss of 10 pounds within the first two or three days of the diet phase.


HCG Phase Two – also known as the “VLCD” or “Very Low Calorie Diet” phase. Phase two is the most challenging phase for many dieters. It consists of exactly what is in its name – a very low calorie diet for 21 to 60 days, along with continuing to take HCG.


In this phase, the caloric intake is dramatically reduced to around 500 calories, and very specific foods, a day. When a dieter has a coach or support system, this phase can be done easier and without hunger. While the caloric intake is low, the amount of “food” received in the body is high. This can be done correctly with the help from a support staff and by following their exact recommended diet plan.


The diet consists of only two meals a day with lean proteins like fish and chicken. It would be detrimental to the goal of weight loss if one were to stray from the recommended food plan. Studies have found this exact food plan to be the only successful way in which to lose weight on the HCG diet long term. There is no room for cheating or food substitutions.


When the diet plan is followed accordingly, results are proven to be an average of one-half to one pound per day, average, in this phase. There are plenty of testimonials on the web that offer more detailed success stories. A secret tip for this phase is to drink lots of water – 75 oz. minimum per day, if possible. 


HCG Phase 3 – also known as the “resting” or “stabilization” maintenance phase of the HCG diet. This is the final phase of round one of the HCG diet. This phase seems to be the favorite amongst HCG dieters. It is now time to let your body rest.


Caloric intake can be increased to 1500-2000 calories per day. However, no sugars can be consumed for the first 21 days. They can be introduced slowly back into the body in the second 21 days of maintenance.


In maintenance, the calories increase but there is still a specific plan to follow. You should continue to utilize your support team throughout this phase. Three days prior to this phase, HCG is stopped in order flush it out of the body in preparation for maintenance.


If one still desires to lose more weight, round two can begin after no less than 42 days of rest. This amount of time is required in order to give the body a resting period. Beginning another round simply entails going back to the loading phase and repeating the same steps again.


By the time a dieter reaches their goal weight or burns all their excess fat, their eating habits likely be better than they were before the diet began. Not only does one lose weight on the HCG diet protocol, but it also teaches the dieter to make better food choices.


Article written by Terrie McDonald


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