Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract - With Svetol or Without?

Green Coffee Bean Extract - Svetol or Generic?

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol
Should you buy pure Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol or without?

Since Green Coffee Bean Extract was first introduced to dieters by Dr. Oz, it has been one of the most talked about weight loss supplements - ever. However, with so many brands of this fat burner out there, how do consumers know which one is best?


It all begins with the ingredients. If you are not consuming enough of the essential compound contained in the bean, there is no chance for weight loss. Original studies of Green Coffee Bean Extract and weight loss concluded that dieters can lose 15% body fat and an average of 20 pounds in less than 3 months with no other dietary restrictions. When diet and exercise were added, the weight loss nearly doubles.


Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?


Yes. Green Coffee Bean Extract is used by many thousands of people every single day to help them lose a substantial amount of weight and keep it off. However, understanding how Green Coffee Bean Extract works is an essential part of the process. Green, or raw, coffee beans contain a natural compound called chlorogenic acid. This ingredient is an antioxidant that when consumed as an extract has powerful effects on body fat.


When taken in concentrated supplement form, the chlorogenic acid blocks your excess glucose from getting into the blood stream. It is excess glucose that causes fat cells to form and deposit on your body. Not only does this prevent your body from gaining weight, but it also allows it work more efficiently. In turn, your metabolism speeds up and your body starts to shed excess pounds.


Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the few all-natural supplements that not only allows you to lose weight, but also keep it off.


Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol


A reliable weight loss company understands that with all the supplements on the market right now, consumers are becoming more and more confused about which products to buy. There is a lot of hype, gimmicks, and unethical advertising that causes people to lose money, not weight. There are too many manufacturers and retailers trying to make a quick dollar in favor of being concerned about what works.


How will you, the consumer, know if the product you’re getting will work?  Choosing Green Coffee Bean Extract made with the raw product called Svetol® is one way to know you’re getting a premium product with the right amount of chlorogenic acid.


Svetol® is a brand of green coffee bean extract that differs from all the others. This is because Svetol is derived only from Robusta coffee plants. All other beans come from the more traditional Arabica plant. The Robusta bean contains more chlorogenic acid per bean, than Arabica.


This means only Green Coffee Bean Extract made with Svetol® offers the highest concentration of chlorogenic acid for weight loss. This is also the brand recommended by Dr. Oz because he wanted to make sure consumers were aware of the difference and getting the pure formula. If you’re not using a Green Coffee Bean Extract product made with Svetol®, you are probably not getting enough chlorogenic acid to make a difference, no matter how many capsules you take.


It is critical to understand that most green coffee bean extract has less than 10% chlorogenic acid - typically just 3%!  A sure way to tell if the product is authentic is by the price. The cheaper the product, the less pure chlorogenic acid it will contain. High quality raw product is expensive and manufacturers must charge twice as much for Green Coffee Bean Extract made with Svetol®; therefore, you will spend $20 or more per 60 capsules. (Dr. Oz says $25 minimum, but $20 is most common.)


Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg


The studies documented that participants only lost weight when 800mg doses of at least 45% chlorogenic acid were taken two times a day. The 800mg serving must contain no less than 200mg of Svetol to be effective.  The capsules are taken 30 to 60 minutes before a meal, which allows the capsule to dissolve and the chlorogenic acid to enter the bloodstream where glucose from the food can be turned into fuel, not fat.


Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract


The last significant key to losing weight with Green Coffee Bean Extract is knowing where to buy the supplement, or equally valuable - where NOT to buy it.


The only place to purchase health supplements is from a reputable weight loss company or clinic. Companies like ThinNow that specialize in weight loss are primarily concerned with your health and your weight loss results because they rely on referrals. They must sell you the highest quality product so your results will inspire others.


National retail chains and one-page websites are all but guaranteed not to sell premium products, no matter how many women in swimsuits they display. These places rely on burning through lots of inventory with the lowest quality at the highest profit margin. They plan for a certain percentage of returns and are not concerned with whether or not the product actually works. They don’t need your referrals.


Anyone can sell supplements, but ThinNow is one of the only retail and ecommerce authentic weight loss companies that includes nutrition plans, recipes, tracking tools, and nationally certified coaches for ongoing support…things you’ll never get from Wal-Mart.


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