Water and Weight Loss: What’s the Connection?

The REAL Connection Between Water and Weight Loss

If you aren’t replenishing the water in your body, you’re slowing your weight loss dramatically.
How Water Plays a Key Role in Weight Loss

You have probably heard the adage that people should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. There is no question that water is essential to good health. After all, the human body is made up of mostly water - some experts say as much as 65 percent. Water also has a substantial effect on weight loss. There are five important reasons why water plays such a significant role in weight loss.

  1. Reducing Hunger

    People who diet will tell you that drinking water can help you to feel full, which can keep you from eating too much. Sometimes you are just thirsty but confuse the signals. Dieticians often suggest drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry to make sure you really need to eat.


  2. Cutting Calories

    The National Institute of Health has found that half the people in the U.S. consume sugary drinks each day. There is no nutritional value in these drinks which are filled with empty calories. When people substitute water for sugary drinks, they can see results on the scale very quickly. In fact, if you drink 6 or more sugary drinks a week and cut them out of your diet, you can lose up to 5 pounds in as little as a week.


  3. Hydration

    Never underestimate the effects of being hydrated. Dehydration slows fat-burning.
    Your body performs more efficiently on a cellular level when you get enough water. Your muscles also need water for lubrication when you exercise. Otherwise you will end up feeling sore and may give up too quickly.


  4. Absorption

    Water in the food people eat is also important. Foods with a high volume of water, such as fruits, vegetables, and even oatmeal slow down food absorption. They are also more satisfying to eat because they make a meal appear larger.


  5. Elimination

    Part of eating a healthy diet and losing weight is getting rid of the body’s toxins. That’s why detoxification diets are so popular. Water helps the body flush toxins from the body quickly. You can even tell if you are drinking enough water by checking your urine. Clear urine is a sign of good health. Another way to combat nutrient-blocking toxins is with African Mango Extract.


Water and Weight Loss Myths

While people agree that water is an essential part of a healthy diet, there are also myths related to the subject.

  • Myth 1

You don’t need to drink water because any liquid will suffice

It is true that the body benefits from different types of liquids. A glass of lemonade or iced tea can also keep dehydration at bay. However, when a drink contains caffeine it becomes a diuretic. That means it ends up causing you to lose water in the long run.

  • Myth 2

Your body will let you know when you’re thirsty

Some people argue that people don’t need to drink so much water to prevent dehydration because your body lets you know when you are thirsty. It’s true that you know it’s time for a drink when you feel thirsty. However, at that point it’s too late and you are already in the process of becoming dehydrated.

  • Myth 3

Bottle water is the healthier alternative

Tap water is generally a safe option and it’s much cheaper than bottled water. As long as you test it first you can usually drink your water straight from the tap. In fact, there are many bottled waters made from tap water, a fact the general public is unaware of.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

The amount of water you need to drink for weight loss is based on a variety of factors. Consider how much you exercise, as you will need to replace water lost through sweating. Where you live is also a factor, as hot and humid areas make it necessary to drink more water. Finally, look at your diet. If you aren’t getting water from foods that contain it naturally then you should consider replacing it by drinking water.

What Really Works for Weight Loss- How to Incorporate Water into Your Life

Now that you know you should be drinking more water for weight loss, here are some tips for making it a part of your daily routine.


  • Keep a glass of water on your desk at work. Fill it up when you get up and move around the office.

  • Replace one soda drink a day with a cup of water. Work your way up to eliminating soda completely.

  • Drink from a straw. It makes it easier to drink more water at one time.

  • Take a sports bottle with you wherever you go. Sip on it throughout the day. It’s healthier to drink water throughout the day than to gulp it all in one sitting.

  • Eat water-based foods whenever possible. That includes fruits, vegetables, and broths.

  • Place a glass of water at your bedside when you go to sleep at night so that you have a drink as soon as you wake up.

The health benefits of drinking water are clear. Your body needs water to perform cellular functions and to lubricate muscles and joints. It’s easy to drink too little water and end up dehydrated. Therefore it’s up to you to make sure you are getting enough water by drinking it throughout the day and eating foods that contain plenty of water.

You also need to cut out drinks high in sugar and replace them with water. By doing these things you will curb your appetite and cut down on eating when you’re not really hungry. In turn you will stimulate weight loss and see the results.

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