Green Coffee Bean Extract - How It Causes Weight Loss

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Causes Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean Extract Causes Weight Loss
Learn how and why Green Coffee Bean Extract is recommended by doctors for weight loss!

Recently, there have been plenty of rumors about the link between green coffee bean extract and weight loss. Truth or fiction? You’ll be happy to learn it’s true! In fact, a recent study showed that individuals who were overweight and took green coffee bean extract daily, lost a considerable percentage of body weight in a short period of time. Now it’s time YOU knew the secret behind green coffee bean extract!


The Active Compound in Green Coffee Beans


What is the active compound in green coffee beans that’s such an excellent fat burner? Scientists say it’s not the caffeine. What they have found is that the benefits of green coffee beans are linked to the chlorogenic acid in the beans. Roasted coffee beans don’t contain chlorogenic acid, because it is destroyed in the roasting process. Researchers from the study also point out that no negative side effects were seen by participants who received green coffee bean extract.


Green Coffee Bean Extract from Dr. Oz


Dr. Oz had Lindsey Duncan, ND on his show recently. Dr. Lindsey Duncan is well known for his role as an alternative health specialist and celebrity nutritionist. Why his recommendation is receiving so much attention, is because he has a reputation for not recommending products, but instead focuses on exercise programs and well-balanced diets. Thanks to the research that shows green coffee bean extract works, well-informed doctors are endorsing a dietary supplement - many for the first time. That’s exciting!


“Here’s what shocked me, participants lost a total of 17% body fat.”
- Dr. Lindsay Duncan -


The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania Study


The American Chemical Society presented “The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania Study “at a meeting. This study involved 16 overweight/obese individuals who took capsules that contained green coffee bean extract. Subjects received a low dose of the green coffee bean extract, a high dose of extract, or a placebo over 22 weeks. The subjects took the green coffee bean extract 30 minutes prior to meal 3 times a day.


Throughout the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania Study, the participants never changed their eating habits nor did they change their exercise regimen, if any. On average, those participating in the study lost 17 pounds. This equaled a 10 percent total body weight loss. The participants also saw a 16 percent reduction in their total body fat. What was so promising is that their average daily calorie intake was 2400 calories, and they burned on average 400 calories through exercise. This was not enough calories alone to cause the dramatic weight loss that occurred when participants received the coffee bean extract. The study shows green coffee bean extract works.


Why Not Just Coffee?


This is a commonly asked question – Why can’t I just drink more coffee? Coffee has a minimum of 100 mg of caffeine per cup, whereas green coffee bean extract only has 20 mg of caffeine, so you won’t get the jitters caffeine is known for.


While many use coffee or other dietary aids that contain caffeine, that’s actually not what makes the green coffee bean so effective – it is the chlorogenic acid. The extract actually contains about 80% less caffeine than what is found in roasted coffee beans. The green coffee bean extract is made when the bean is in its raw state, because after processing it loses its effectiveness.


How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works


This is where the confusion often occurs, because many think it is the caffeine that is the active ingredient. This is not so. Green Coffee Bean Extract works by inhibiting the release of glucose in your body. In turn, this increases your metabolic process in your liver.


The esteemed Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal carried out their own 12-week study on Green Coffee Bean Extract. Those who participated took a powder supplement for three-months and they lost a whopping 17 pounds on average while making no other changes in their lifestyle.


What You Should Know About Green Coffee Bean Extract


By now, you likely realize that green coffee bean extract works, but let’s look at some of the facts you should know about it.


  • Recent studies have confirmed what many have suspected for years – green coffee bean extract works well for weight loss.


  • There is no need to diet or exercise to enjoy the benefits. Of course, when you do add a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will enjoy even greater benefits. In the study, after two weeks, the participants had their second weigh in, and doctors and health experts were astounded with the results. Those taking the green coffee extract and not a placebo pill lost an average of 3 pounds in two weeks with no diet changes.


  • On average, green coffee extract, users lose 1.5 pounds of fat a week using the extract and making no other changes in their lifestyle. The study shows that the average person taking part lost 10.5% of their total body weight. Of that, 17% was fat.


  • Green coffee extract is an effective, healthy slimming supplement, which can double your weight loss when you combine it with diet and exercise.


The Side Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract


With a number of dietary aids, the side effect risk is often the deal breaker. With green coffee bean extract, those worries are not a concern. According to the clinical trials, there have been no adverse side effects with the use of the extract.


There is one word of caution when it comes to the fillers and binding chemical.  These can affect how well the supplements work and they can cause side effects such as nausea and stomach pain. It is best if you can choose a natural supplement with pure ingredients. Look for a brand that uses the Svetol brand of green coffee bean extract, which is guaranteed pure and is made from a higher quality bean.


Green coffee bean extract doesn’t contain anywhere near the levels of caffeine that regular roasted coffee beans have so the effects of caffeine are minimal or nonexistent.


Weight Loss Struggles


Losing those extra pounds is never easy. You struggle, try supplements, and do all the right things, and yet those stubborn pounds hang on. Finally, there is a supplement that has the science to back it up – green coffee bean extract works, and it works well.


So if you are one of the majority struggling to lose weight, now is the time to make the change. If you do nothing but take green coffee bean extract, you will lose weight. Add a healthy diet and exercise and you can really increase your weight loss. So what are you waiting for?

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